Models S and X the safest car you can own during the Covid-19 crisis

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- Biodefence filter - If someone in a car in front of you is coughing out the window, in other cars those viruses are just sucked right into the vent. The Biodefense filter should stop it cold.

- No pumping of gas, with other people nearby and possibly contaminated handles. Charging at home eliminates this worry. Now, Superchargers do pose some risk, but with the lockdown, no one is traveling.

- No need for oil changes and filters. While these can be put off a while in an ICE car, EVs totally eliminate the concern of such visits and all the people you'll encounter

- No smog checks - In many areas smog checks are required for ICE cars, where there are many people that could contaminate you. There is no smog test for EVs

Of course, one of the best defenses we have in any vehicle is not driving at all. Hard to do when you are providing essential services or you need groceries or prescriptions. Please be safe!


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    biodefense filter will filter out particles that might be carrying the virus, but will not filter the virus itself.
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    @andy - I'm not a chemical/virus expert. Isn't filtering the particles that carry the virus good enough to stop the virus from coming through?
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    hopefully. It seems to be working in south korea and japan
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