Tesla Service in the Trump Pandemic

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Car had to go in for service for “Restraint System Fault. Call Service”. They wanted it in quickly. Cruising a nice P85 loaner (more on that below).

1. You pull up, stay in car.
2. Have tent setup outside.
3. You drop your key in one box, pickup loaner key from another
4. You do all paperwork online.
5. Person wipes your car down with disinfectant. T

hey are going to fix other problems while there.

5. Fix the oil canning from bad battery vents.
6. Look at non-working Lane Keeping warnings.
7. Check alignment.

Staff at MacAdam are real nice folks. Service guys can keep their distance while working on cars. Must be a funny dance inside.

The P85.

The center screen is a godsend. A shame Tesla didn’t go back to that for the Y.

The separate controls for cruise, wipes, mirrors, wipers, shift are better than on screen. Easy to do while not taking eyes off road which you still have to do with Model 3 even with voice command.

It seems a much slower charging car than M3. Hard to say with chargers. Had 44 miles left but started at 65kW and is now down to 39 kW at 70%.

The car graphic showing other cars, especially blind spot, is worse than M3 but mirrors can see blind spot so old school works better.

Leather smells real


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    1. On the weak washer on the drivers side, no fix. Within Normal Limits.

    2. On no blind spot warning with turn signal on, the said it has to dangerously close to the other car to work. Since I don’t get dangerously close I’ll never see but the Rydeen BLIS system i put does flash and alarm.

    3. The original “Restraint System Fault” they said was bad seat harness and replaced. Wonder what that would cost when warranty is up?

    4. On bent tire, no alignment needed. New Wheel on the Evannex wrapped Aeros which look great. Should make up for the 10 miles lost to battery degradation after 20k plus miles and all SC charging.

    5. Did the replacement of the faulty vents in the battery that produce the oil canning and sounds. I probably hear them more than most due to all super charging.
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    Here’s a pic of the Evannex wrapped Aeros. All but the rear wheel are painted Tesla Silver. The Silver underneath makes the wrapped Aeros look better. I’ll touch up the exposed black wheel with silver to match the other four.
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    And the S85 had a SUNROOF!!!

    I noticed the windshield on the S come up further on the top which made visibility on lights much better. They could have done this on the Model 3 as the all glass roof is not much use to the driver but a couple more inches of front visibility would have been useful.
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    Not to turn this into a political thread, but just as it was wrong for Trump to call the virus the "China virus", it is just as wrong to call the "Trump-19 Flu".
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    What is the virus to the italians? What is the purpose of trying to blame the president.
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    nobody is blaming the virus on trump
    Just his denial, misinformation and lies
    which delayed any response for 2 months
    "It will magically go away"
    -trump 2/28/20
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    Trump bashing has zero effectiveness at trying to solve the problem. Be part of the solution and stay home, social distance, wear a mask etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera.

    If anyone even wants this to blow over faster, be part of the solution.
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    @Andy: Its probably useless to try to educate his cult
    But factual awareness of his unsitability is necessary to end this disasterous presidency
    And I am doing all those things, except I am covering as a doc on weekends for burned out colleagues
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    Dont waste time with people who dont care and are working against you. Share the knowledge with people who care and will spread it. Good that you are helping.

    People may not think about it like this, but staying home is helping ALOT. One person can infect 10 a day. If you can imagine it, growing by orders of magnitude is one infecting 10 which infect 100 which infect 1000 which infect 10000 which infect 100000. Stay home people.
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    Trump-19? Really, how is this Trump's fault?
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    Interesting article in that it is written from the standpoint of the jilted news outlet. Of course theyre going to bitch about Trump! He refuses to do their interviews because all they can ask are loaded BS questions like “what do your children think about your obvious racism?” or “How hard was it to stop beating your wife?” If shitheads at CNN would stop using the WH press briefing as a time to attempt a zinger on the man they hate maybe hed start giving them the time of day again.
    And have you noticed how the liberal networks are creating news about the rift between Fauci and the president? Fauci has had to come out and state categorically that there is no problem between him and the president.
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    Its almost like the media is telling you how to think. Thats unprecidented.
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    Yes, so true. And asshats on this site try to tell me I hate the environment because I’m a Republican. Uh, hello!, I’m a believer in Elon’s mission and proudly own a Tesla!
    Again, WTF?
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    saying you hate the environment because someone is a republican is about as valid a statement as saying you care because you bought a car.

    Neither really prove anything.
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    True. I also hope I’m not assumed to be racist just because I haven’t said I’m not a racist.
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    Maybe you haven't said you aren't a racist because . . . you are a racist?

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    Steve: The coronavirus is not Trump's fault. But the rate of spread is. The lack of protective gear for medical workers is Trump's fault. I can continue but I'm just starting so I can see if you agree that while the virus is not Trump's fault, the degree of the crisis is.
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    If you walk the walk, there is no dispute.
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    Shithead, I mean SamO, do you begin every introduction by telling someone you aren’t a racist? Idiot.
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    I would if I supported Drumpf.
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    SamO is racist against orange people. Trump can't help it if loves eating Doritos and touching his face now that the tanning salons are shut down.
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    Dont forget about cheetos.
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    "it is just as wrong to call the "Trump-19 Flu".

    Well it he did cause it to spread in the US so he owns it. I actually prefer the term Trump Pandemic

    1. He fires US infectious diseases rep on Beijing as though he knew this was coming. Chinese view.
    2. He fires NSS Pandemic Team before pandemic, again Chinese thing actions speak louder than words.
    3. He get Intel report in January as Wuhan is shut down and ignores it.
    4. Virus hits US and Trump says under control for a month.
    5. Virus hits and Trump refuses to mobilize US industry to produce supplies.

    If were making a case for deliberate sabotage of the US, Trump is guilty as charged.

    GOP has to scared that Trump is heading their ticket in 2020.
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    That's what I meant. I get my junk foods mixed up.
    Reminds me of a joke I heard once

    Guy goes to the doctor and says he isn't feeling good so doctor tells him to go home and rest for a few days. Few days later the guy calls back the doctor I says I feel better now but my penis is orange, what the heck is going on. Doctor says what have you been doing, have you been staying home resting. To wish the giy answers yes I've been staying home eating Cheetos and watching pornos all day.
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