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Does anyone know if it is possible to permanently change the scale of the car and surrounding traffic display on a model 3. It can be changed by "pinching" but does not stay changed.


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    I don't think so. Would be nice to change font sizes too.
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    thanks, a bit discouraging that blind side warning is so weak in a car of this class. Our Prius, at half the cost, has this in the side view mirrors, home link, and a couple of other small, nice to have, things that only add minimally to the cost of production. Having them added in the future as standard doesn't help me at all unless they are downloadable and Tesla decides to actually do it. Not clear how to get Tesla to notice (except by these forums??)
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    Not sure they pay much attention to the forums. They don't have a Model Y or Cybertruck section.

    My last car was a 2017 Prius. The BSW was better.

    Also, I am not sure mirrors are going to be in future versions of Tesla vehicles. Tesla and other manufacturers are petitioning the NHTSA to allow cameras to take the place of mirrors.
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