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How does gateway work

I have a newish (Nov 2019) Solar install. It is installed on my barn.
The black gateway box is in my house, hard wired ethernet.
Lately it looses connection at night and I get no data at all in the app until I unplug it and plug it back in.

I know it needs to connect to the inverter wirelessly, does it also connect to the powerblaster in my house basement?
I have ethernet in the barn, which would be closer to inverter, but does not seem to work there.

Thanks for helping the new guy understand!


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    I have a similar issue, but it doesn't lose connection every night, just once in a while and I think the problem is related to the concurrent configuration to cellular connection. They us some sort of VPN over AT&T, and although it did work nicely for 2 years after installation, something happened with AT&T and it 's totally unreliable, and the coming and going of that connection is what is producing that 'hiccup' in your ENet connection. This is purely my opinion. I told Tesla's PW support about this and I have yet to hear back from them about this, or whether the cell connect can be disabled if not used.
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    I think Beakesland is talking about the little Communications Gateway, that's about the size of a couple paperback books, not the Tesla Energy Gateway (TEG) that's the size of a main electrical panel. The Com Gateway comes with PV-only installations. The TEG comes with PW installations.

    IIRC, the Com Gateway talks to both the Inverter and Powerblaster via the Zigbee wireless standard (not WiFi), and really wants to be line-of-sight with those devices to get a good signal. Having the inverter remote from the Powerblaster might prove problematic. The most ideal spot under these circumstances might be to have the Com Gateway somewhere between the two.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks gregbrew!

    Yes I am talking about the Com Gateway! (new to the terms).

    So is there any way to boost this signal that anyone has tried? It worked well for months now dies every night.
    Also, why would it work when the sun is up only?
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    The fact that it worked fine in the past, under identical conditions (?), is troubling. Did you recently place an object between your inverter and the Com Gateway, that might have weakened the signal?

    If not, I'd contact Customer Service (by phone), and ask them to send a new Com Gateway. 888-765-2489
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    Thanks gregbrew, I did contact them and they are sending me a new one. Its amazing how addictive it is to watch, and how much I miss it when its not working!
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    Has anyone used a zigbee range extender/repeater to help with the com gateway distance?
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    I've not heard of anyone doing that.

    There might be a more extreme solution as well:

    If your inverter's antenna is external, it probably screws down to its base. If so, it might be possible to remove the antenna, and use a cable to extend the antenna to another (probable higher and closer) location. It would be very tricky to do so, as the cable would need to be a specific length to accommodate the frequency of the radio transmission. There are other variables that would need to be considered as well, like cable impedance to match the antenna circuit and stub tuning. These are all things that an Electrical Engineer that's well versed in RF could help you with. Unfortunately, I'm 50 years from those classes, and I never applied them to my digital EE design life, so I'll be of little help, besides remembering some of the variables involved. Good luck.
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