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COVID-19 discussion thread for all



  • This thread would be a lot shorter if the CT types are ignored, no doubt. Over 70M voted for Trump; his base is largely CT minded, and a force that cannot be ignored, IMO.

    Something needs to be done to counter the continuous attack on our Democracy and it is sad that so many believe that the election was rigged. It is disturbing that mainstream GOP has adopted Qanon members and that very few have broken with Trump this far after the election. More disturbing is mainstream GOP feeding Trump's delusion of rigged.
  • While the internet has been incredible for providing useful information, the readily available misinformation is the curse; I would argue that current events have shown that the risks can be made to outweigh the benefits.
  • And we liberals like to blame ourselves all too easily.

    Look, we lost a few house seats! Look, Trump actually increased his support among minorities! We should have chosen someone better appealing than Biden!

    This, when we won the election by have more than 6 million more than Trump in popular vote.

    Bottom line is - it doesn’t matter. As long as there is the screwed up electoral college, and people in those few states who are very scared about their identity and it’s future, they will believe whatever lies, conspiracies they are fed. Never mind the reality.

    In come the right wing media to the rescue. All other media is ‘main stream’, and thus, automatically ‘fake’.

    This whole story is going to repeat until people understand this is actually hurting all of us. The future of this union is in jeopardy. Biden/Trump whoever is President, it won’t change that.
  • Oh snap! Now his debate coach turns.
  • A shout out to the assholes who minimize this pandemic.
  • “The country has to come first.”
  • Thanks @jjs for your first person input based on reality.
  • @jjs - Appreciate your posts, as always. Would be interested to know what your son is training in, but understand if you prefer not to say in a public Forum.
  • > @jjs said:
    > To those of you fighting the good fight with facts and rational thought, I applaud you. Thank you. Shame on the few that continue to spew nonsense conspiracy theories and defend this administration's response to the pandemic which is clearly indefensible. My son is in his 4th year of residency at the University of Iowa. He has first hand knowledge of what is going on. Yesterday they ran out of body bags. Today the ICU is full and the number of patients being admitted is still rising.
    > Here in Nebraska I attended a COVID funeral last week. I have a friend, released from the hospital, recovery at home, but is bad shape. Memory loss, brain fog, lungs that are damaged. Uncertain he will make a full recovery, but we are hopeful.
    > A national mask mandate should have been instituted LONG ago. With it, we would not have needed to shut down the entire economy.
    > My son has taken a job in Tucson, a location that was spiking very badly months ago. I asked him if he was jumping from the frying pan into the fire and he said no. Tuscon now has the pandemic controlled. I asked him what happened. Answer: mask mandate.
    > The solution is obvious. The fact that the current president continues to undermine the most important public health safety measure that we can take makes him traitor to the American people.
    > Those of you who refuse to think for yourselves and simply parrot what this amoral narcissist blabbers are complicit.

    My wife is an RN who works from home thankfully. Our friends are good nurses who are shocked at the insanity of these trumpets. It seems pathological. But many people are starting to smell the coffee. Science got us out of the Dark Ages in the past and we need to use it if we are to survive. President Biden turns out to be the best bet to recover from the economic, physical, and moral damages. I have hope now that we can progress out of the shit hole we're in. Bringing back real pride and good will to America along with logical decisions does seem possible now.
  • Masks:the final verdict.

    They work. Wear one.

    Our county wide mask mandate went into effect a few days ago. Community mask wear has quickly risen from about 50% to near 98%.

    23 of the 23 county health officers throughout the state requested that the governor issue a state mask mandate. I’m sorry to say, because he’s a friend of mine who I know to be very intelligent, he refused to do so because of pressure from the business and political community. He’s placed the onus of responsibility on local authorities, refusing to take responsibility much like what happened at the national level. Now my friend who is the county healthy officer is suffering all the slings and arrows of the local ignorati. More than half the counties issued local mask mandates in unison last week, but apparently some didn’t feel they had the political capital to pull it off or didn’t want their families to be subjected to right wing terrorists.
  • Utah just ran out of runway, yet they continue to behave irresponsibly.
  • Trump is disavowing any relationship with @Darthamerica’s favorite counselor. First fight?
  • Rudy was probably worried she would upstage his crazy.
  • Jealous of her colorist.
  • He knows the playbook.
  • Another 2A hero for the dipshits. Kyle’s buddy.
  • Another note from the front line.

    Stay home.
  • Bighorn, I used to work with her a few years ago. Small world.
  • @mialink
    That’s so funny. I just saw a high school kid I knew get tagged by one of the main covid educators I follow because she’s a fellow department chair, in surgery, at UCSF.
    Medicine is definitely a small world.
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