Def: Medical/Health Care Imbecile

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To be less than well-informed on the finer points of best medical/health care practices probably defines 95% of the US population, especially regarding a pandemic such as we are currently experiencing. To willfully ignore and/or countermand the advice of medical/health care professionals and press ahead with politically motivated plans defines a medical/health care imbecile. Welcome to the alternate universe of Donald Trump.


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    What was not in the Trump Pandemic response bill was any mention of extending Medicare to all unemployed who lose their health care coverage.

    We should add that immediate as processing all those claims will take time.
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    Here's a good explanation on the consequences of following Trump or following our medical experts.

    "Instead, health experts advise giving current business closures and social distancing a month to slow the pandemic, buying time to roll out mass testing and equip doctors with protective equipment. Then, depending on where we are, we can think about easing up — while prepared for a new burst of infections that will then require a new clampdown."

    With Stimulus package paying workers and funding small businesses (thanks to Democrats for expanding it form GOP $1,200 and a cup of coffee and $500B to Trump and is billionaire cabinet) we can afford to wait the month to fix Trump blunder No. 1. Refusing the offered World Health Organization test kits. Trump set testing back three months, four if we consider we only hope to be able to test starting in three weeks.
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    And why did CDC turn down the WHO proven tests? Look who Trump appointed to head the CDC.

    "The investigation did say that he had an "inappropriate" close relationship with the non-governmental group "Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy" (ASAP), which promoted the gp160 vaccine. The group was founded by evangelical Christians that worked to contain the HIV/AIDS outbreak by advocating for abstinence before marriage, rather than passing out condoms — a view Redfield says he's since changed[20][21] Redfield served on the board of ASAP, which gay groups criticized for anti-gay, conservative Christian policies, such as abstinence-only prevention."

    This was the result of investigation of his working with a private sector company to develop an AIDS vaccine for which he would likely have profited.
    He was also an associate of Dr. Gallo who's attempt to claim sole discovery of AIDS virus was the subject of scorching documentary.

    "Scientific Misconduct Prevents Gallo from being awarded Nobel Prize for discovering cause of AIDS"

    This is typical of Trump appointees and why US government gets accused of incompetence by GOP when it is the GOP that causes the incompetence.
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    This is the best thing that could ever happen to Trump to expose his megalomaniacal imbecility.
    And the 49% idiots who voted for him
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    "White House Kills Deal to Make Ventilators."

    "The decision to cancel the announcement, according to government officials, came after the Federal Emergency Management Agency said it needed more time to assess whether the estimated cost was prohibitive — more than $1 billion, with several hundred million dollars to be paid upfront to General Motors to retool the car parts plant in Kokomo, Ind., where the ventilators would be made with Ventec’s technology."

    $500B to Wall Street but we can't spend $1B saving 100,000 lives?

    To call Trump an imbecile is wrong, he's a murderer.
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    It's the same bad decision of not using the WHO tests and letting the incompetent, Trump head of CDC delay and fail to make them for US.
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    And yet, inconceivably, the Orange-a-Tan's approval rating is at an all time high. Unbelievable.
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    "Trump's Approval Hits New High, But A Rally-Around-The-Flag Effect Is Small"

    Look back on Bush I's approval ratings after Gulf War I for a real jump, he lost due the economic chaos of GOP "Greed is Good" (aka Reaganomcs). Bush II same thing after 911 which in depressing parallel to Trump, happened when Bush II dismissed the US Counter Terrorism team before 911 vs. Trump dismissing US Pandemic teams in US and China. Bush actually lost the following election by 1M votes and went on to give us the Great Recession I.

    Both saw much larger jumps and both lost the democratic elections to follow.

    Using that parallel, we can hope for same result and Democratic president and Congress that have policies based on science and national good.
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    “I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators,” Trump said. “You know, you go into major hospitals sometimes, they’ll have two ventilators. And now all of a sudden they’re saying can we order 30,000 ventilators?”

    I guess this goes here.
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    Trump tweeted:
    “Thousand of Federal Government (delivered) Ventilators found in New York storage. N.Y. must distribute NOW!”

    This sounds like Puerto Rico all over again.
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    Neomaxizoomdweebie | March 27, 2020 Trump tweeted

    Google Translate says "Trump lied"
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    The pandemic affected me and my family very negatively and now I'm not talking about the virus itself or the closure of stores, but about nervous stress. Due to constant self-isolation and the risk of infection, I even developed mental problems. It may be funny for you, but I would not wish anyone to face such a condition. I had panic and anxiety attacks and for a long time could not understand what was the reason until I did a special test ( and did not determine a strong imbalance of neurotransmitters. It was a big shock for me, but now I knew what exactly was happening to me!
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