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Estimated mileage with low usage.

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I'm hardly using my car and barely drove 30 miles in the last 3 weeks or so, and I've noticed a 12-mile drop in the estimated range during that period.

My car has always had very close to 279m of the range displayed at 90% SOC. My usage pattern would use ~80% of the battery once a week and ~20% of the battery on other days. Nothing else changed except for the drastic drop in usage, and there is absolutely no reason to contemplate battery deterioration for the drop in estimated mileage.

I think this situation showcases the relationship between usage patterns and estimated mileage nicely. This relationship was always discussed on the forum, and I'm convinced about it with the observations in my own car.


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    I think short trips effect EV as they do ICE. More stop and go typically
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    What fish said makes no sense, but what else is now.

    You are correct vmulla and I have seen the same. Using more of the battery on a regular basis definitely keeps the battery calibration better in check. There was a video a few days on twitter, guy has 103 miles and has charged almost entirely at SuperChargers. He still charged at like 305 miles, hardly any degradation at all.
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    lol, 103k miles
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    Fish dropping nonsense statements. ICE cars get worse range in slow stop and go. EV’s get better range in those conditions. The number displayed on the dash is a separate question.
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    Stop and go effect the EV the same as the ICE for the same reasons...Joementum...err....momentum and can be a bit more so due the weight ratio.

    EV's can recapture via regen but I believe the net loss in that exchange is 30%.

    And we are still in the cooler time of the year so everything needs to get to best operating temp.
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    "I believe the net loss in that exchange is 30%"

    and the net loss in an ICE is 100%
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    Fishnet "believe the net loss in that exchange is 30%."

    I believe you are 100 % lier.
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