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Has the 2020 Model-X build quality gotten any better?

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I am currently an owner of 2 Model S sedans. Bought the first one in 2013 a Model S 85 and the second one in 2016 a Model S 90D. Compared to my 2013 the 2016 has had significantly fewer issues but panel gaps and paint issues still remained. I am looking at trading my 2013 Model S for a 2020 Model-X later this year. However reading through all the material available on the Model-X it seems to have a ton of issues. Wondering if the 2020 Raven Model-X has made any progress with regards to the massive panels gaps and interior fitment issues in general. I was hoping to wait for the refresh but i am told by some well informed sources that it is unlikely to happen this year.



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    Traded in my 17X for new Raven X.

    While it is much better put together than my earlier X, there are still inprecise panel gaps. Believe it is because of the large Falcon Wing doors and the huge hatch. Passenger side door handles are not perfectly aligned as well.

    On a more positive note, the paint is much better. Previously had plain white enamel and now have the much more luxurious multi coat metalic white. The Raven improvements are tremendous and much appreciated. New adaptive suspension makes the car smoother riding as well as far better handling. Makes the car quieter going down the road as well.
    Range is up more than 100 miles from X75, it charges much faster and has lots more performance.
    Icing on the cake is how much less expensive the new Long Range was than my 75X. Lots more car for lots less money.

    No issues for me, outside the panel gaps, and when you get right down to it, the precision alignment would not really make it a better car for me.

    Focusing only on panel fittment kind of misses all the good things that are inherent in the Model X. Kind of like not wanting to go on a date with Christi Brinkly because she has a mole on her cheek :)

    Panel gaps are a sore spot with Tesla, but if you can live with some, you end up with a fantastic ride.
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    Thanks, that was useful perspective. Glad to know that the suspension had made the ride and handling better. How much would you say the real world range is on the highway while doing 75 mph? > 250 miles ?
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    Not in my opinion. Picked up our X last week
    and driver side falcon door sensor was faulty.
    Plastic molding on steering wheel is also
    warped and panel gaps. A little disappointed with the minor issues but better than our 2017 S. Air conditioning broke in the first week,
    air suspension within 2 months, door glass misalignment, major trim
    fitment issues and broken door handle.

    But we still ended up with a 3 and X!
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    I have an early 2018
    Its fine
    No problems and the best car I have ever owned
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    just bought this car.. whats a panel gap?
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    @hijazraba - Hopefully your car has gaps between panels, such as doors, hood, and liftgate, otherwise they would not function :)

    In the past, a few cars got out of the factory with mismatched gaps - the gaps were not consistent. Depending on how accurate your measurement tools, every car ever made from every brand has some gap variance. Generally, if you don't notice it from 5 feet away with 20-20 vision, it's considered normal. If you do notice an unusual gap, service can often correct it by adjusting the hinges. It's a bit tricker on the falcon-wing doors, being so complex and you may have accept some variance. Hard to say what is acceptable and what is not and some owners are far pickier than others as to what they expect and want.
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    Picked up 2020 X Raven in late November and no issues whatsoever. Their may be a few panels a few microns off but no different then other expensive vehicles I’ve owned. Also have a 2019 3 and it did have some very minor paint issues but overall pretty flawless.

    But be careful with what you read here, many trolls will report fake issues and with current stay-at-home policies they have lots of time on their hands. I really wish Tesla would validate all forum members as actually being owners. Many snuck in prior to Tesla requiring validation and their trolling the hell outta this forum.
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    Finest car I have ever owned . . . finest ever driven. Perhaps our 2019 MX Raven was built on a Monday which, explains the absence of panel gaps . . . or the presence of properly aligned door handle on an incredible starship. Over the past 6 months I've noticed a few areas on the car that were touched up by the Galleria before I took delivery . . . blems I failed to see despite flying 400 miles from the UP of Michigan to do an inspection pre-delivery as opposed to having the car delivered to us on the Tundra. But you know what? I will add plenty more of 'em over the years that follow! Ford, GM and Chrysler have had 100 years to fine tune their manufacturing processes and their cars are far from perfect. Tesla only went into full production of the S in 2012 . . . less than 8 years ago. They're earning their stripes and despite the comments of a very small number of Tesla owners . . . their cars remain light years ahead of BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes, Porsche, et al. I'm a proud and happy owner of a 2019 MX Raven and will never go back to an ICE even if gasoline drops to $.25 per gallon (am I dating myself?).
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    *negative comments
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    is the upgrade of new model X 2020 improve the AC compressor and HVAC ? if yes, what is the particular improvement area ?
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    feb. 2020 built model X. Build quality on par with past luxury cars (Lincoln and Lexus). I see a door slight not aligned but no clashing. Paint seems perfect, I would usually find a chip or bump but this is clean. No interior issues outside of the wood paneling over glove box creeks over bumps and driver side whistle. Know on wood no leaks when washed or rained on. I do find that the app does not stop the charging, it says it stops then when hit the unlock charger button I get and error and it starts charging again. Odd. Week after purchase took it on 750 mile one way trip to SC. First week I had it, loved it. The A/C is great but noisy outside the car, but would expect a compressor to make noise. Next generation using new technology for cooling and heating to save power. Will give updates as I progress with my X.
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    Purchased a new Tesla Model X Long Range Plus (7 seat) and took delivery on March 14, 2020. This is my first Tesla. I previously owned 2 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium sedans.
    I decided on the Model X after extensive research on car blogs, EV blogs, message boards, and watching countless(!) YouTube videos. We spotted several build quality issues on delivery day - paint quality, minor scatches/scuffs, a middle row seat malfunction, and panel alignment issues with the front and rear trunks. There is also a significant shudder/vibration that occurs when the car accelerates. I know about many of the potential build issues from the research I conducted. And, the issues with Tesla and much less than when I bought the last 2 Ford hybrids.
    Tesla sales and service have been incredible. First, they buffed out many of the paint quality issues on delivery day, fixed the middle row seat and a few other minor things, before the car left the dealership. They documented all of the other issues and set an appointment for them to be fixed. They took the car for a week and remedied all of the issues - except the shudder/vibration in the front end. They are fixing a minor Falcon wing door seal issue and trunk misalignment issue now and have documented the shudder/vibration for further investigation post-COVID-19.
    In comparison to my experiences with Ford over the past 10 years, I'm very happy with Tesla so far. The car is great, although I'm not driving very much these days. There have been no charges or costs associated with resolving the issues and communication from Tesla has been proactive and frequent. We'll see how my experience pans out in the coming months and again when I'm driving much more post-COVID.
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    Awesome thanks!
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    People going bonkers about every little smudge or panel gap, really miss out on the real value in the magnificent Model X. They are life altering vehicles that provide amazing capabilities, fantastic open road cruising and environmental benefits.

    They are currently the Flagship for Tesla and make an amazing impact.
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    FUD thread flagged
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    Ok update - At 1,554 miles on odo through a power reduced error - make appt on app, sage to drive. Limited my power and speed, kept resetting itself and came back after 1-2 minutes of driving. Called Tesla Service (fantastic support), she downloaded the data saw the flags called the nearest SC in Raleigh 200 miles away. Tech knows problem and has part. They sent a flatbed to pick it up and hope to find out April 22 the story. Stay tuned.
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    Update: SC has high level of communications. Found miscommunication with Right rear oil pump. Replaced oil pump, oil and filter. Test drove and will flatbed it back on Thursday. What a great experience with SC this car. Hopes it fixed. Stay tuned.
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    Update 2: Car returned and is in perfect condition. They also fixed the whistling from mirror. I wish this SC was closer to my home in CT.
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    Thanks for the updates so far everyone. Hoping to make a Section 179 purchase when things open up, hopefully by summer
  • I can't decide on the 5 or 7 seater. I don't expect to use the 7 seater often but it does seem convenient to have just in case. No difference in the configuation in the back once the 3rd row seats are down. Hubby not sold on it so looking for advice!
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    With the 7 seater folded down it will disappear into what normally is kind of a basement for handy storage. For many that handy storage will be more valuable than an unused 7 seater.

    People tend to order the 7 seater "just in case" additional kids want to ride along with their family. For most that does not really happen enough.

    Hubbie cannot speak openly because if he veto's that back seat he will never hear the end of it if it becomes necessary even once :)
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    Be careful. Section 179 could go away after the next election. Government going to be looking for additional revenue to pay the COVID bills.
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    Have had my 2020 Model X 7 seats since June 20th, 2020, This is the first Tesla I've owned and overall it's just phenomenal. My previous car was a 2005 Volvo XC90. The only issue's I"ve had are getting used to the falcon doors and how sensitive they are. Sometimes they won't close cause they detect something. Mostly they are correct and are being very conservative is the way I look at it. My experience so far is better than my Volvo experience in issues found in the first 6 weeks. Overall very pleased. I don't notice any panel gaps or some of the stuff I read about. I was actually expecting and looked for many of these items and just didn't find em. We have 3 kids so the seven seats are needed. Keeping our teenager in the very back solves so many problems for the whole family and gives more space to the others in the second row. They like it themselves as well and request to sit there :)
  • I just ordered a 2020 Model X. Did yours come with an OEM iphone charger standard?
  • do no see any big improvements. In 2000 miles, the ride is full of rattling and squeaking. Issues with falcon wings hitting you at times. Panels still are misaligned. suspensions still trouble and not smooth on city driving. Highways are smooth but lots of exterior noise.
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