TSLA offers more stock!, Guides down on Model S deliveries and revenue! Stock plunges!

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I noticed the TSLA stock took hit of almost 10% this morning... was very surprised following the SuperCharger event last night.

Little investigations shows they're now offering additional 5,000,000 shares to pull in another $150M and I believe guided down on 2012 Model S deliveries. From 5,000 down to about 3,000.

The article in reference is:

As an investor I'm disappointed in that Elon stated more than once in conference calls that 5,000 Model S deliveries by year end and I also recall him stating that TSLA wouldn't need any additional capital... now just few month later they fail on both?

Of course revenue guidance is down as well company now expects revenue between $400 million and $440 million, down from $560 million to $600 million projected earlier. Free electric charging is great but not when stock is suffering right?

Anyway, just want to see if any other investors out there are getting nervous?


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    Not in the least bit. Another welcome buying opportunity! :-)
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    The free electricity costs TM nothing except the station charging h/w, which Elon has stated is now cheap due to economies of scale -- there are only a few hundred SC stations to deal with, a small blip on the 000s of chargers that will be sold.

    Solar City generates the power, and profits from FIT on the excess over grid power used to charge cars. So it makes sure it installs lots of extra capacity. Can't lose.
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    Tesla stock is going to go up and down until it gets too expensive for mere mortals to purchase. Until then enjoy the ride.
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    haha your headline reads like an old-timey radio announcer or newspaper headline.
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    Think costs them $250K per SuperCharger station.
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    Musk may have said that they wouldn't need any more capital in the past, but I thought in recent months he has been mentioning that that option is on the table, and that they may do it, though it wouldn't be due to a dire necessity.
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    I agree these are volatile times for Tesla with much to deliver on & I desperately want Elon to pull this off. It is a tad disconcerting though that we're this far into 2012 and the promise of 5k production of Model S now gets watered down after such a strong defense until recently. Yeah stock -up & down - to be expected. The real center of activity though is what happens in Freemont.
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    the timing is bad, all eyes are on production and Musk rolls out charging stations. I like the concept, very likely these charging stations are putting power back into the grid as we speak. this is like the early days of amazon saying they are building out their network and will not be profitable yet. this answers many questions for the future of electric cars, but suck in the short term.
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    Stocks been going up and down like this for a year now. Remember when it was almost $40 a share? Then what $22 now 28ish. Stock is stock up and down is why we trade it. If it was flat no one would invest.

    I had really hoped for the 5000 cars this year but only because I am 3270 and my current car is falling apart faster than I can piece it back together. Now I have to hope it can make it thru a winter.
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    I'm actually kind of glad. I was wondering if they would be so ahead of schedule that I'd have to defer. Now it appears as if I won't have to.
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    I'm no stock analyst, but what tesla is trying to achieve is nothing short of revolutionary. The i.c.e. paradigm has been in place for over a century. Building a new car with no supporting infrastructure is nothing short of daunting. I'm a physician with some exposure to the drug approval process (and their attendant stock swings); drugs fail all the time for myriad reasons, that is nothing compared to what tesla and elon musk are attempting. Frankly I think that producing 3k quality cars by the end of 2012 is a great achievement. I have test driven both the performance and the standard s, they are ground-breaking awesome cars. The fact that the market doesn't get it is the only thing not surprising about it. I eagerly await delivery of mine, res# 2348 in the NYC area.

    Bernie Spier, M.D.
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    Hi Bernie. Since you drove both standard and performance Model S, do you mind commenting on whether standard seems fast and fun to drive once you know what the performance model can do?
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    A bit OT in this thread, doncha think?

    Not so sure the market doesn't "get it"; IPO opening was $17, if you recall! As you say, if a production rate sufficient to hit the 20K+ target for 2013 is reached by late 2012, the market will be suitably impressed.
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    Standard seemed almost same to me, very fast and fun. Performance is almost "over the top" fast, like a Maserati or 12 cyl bentley (which I got to demo once). I sprung for performance for potential resale value.


    I hope so. Seems like the next 6 mos are critical.

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    So Elon keeps saying!
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