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ConnectedSolutions sign up & rebates?

I'm waiting to get a PowerWall to add to my owned-not leased 7Kw array.
So we can have a back up power source and have a complete system that will power our home and Model 3.
I just discovered this information about ConnectSolutions and it's the first time I've heard about it.
It is supposed to run with the Smart Program and offer sizable rebates.
I live in MA and both programs are supported by Eversource & National Grid.
The SREC program is now defunct and the SmartProgram was the only option I'd been aware of until I stumbled on the web page above.....
Tesla support doesn't seem to know about it and the SmartProgram is filling up fast.
It would be nice if someone could shed some light on this and the best practice/set up to take advantage of what's available.

Educate me and clarify what's the best set up, if you would please.

Thanks in Advance
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