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MCU1 > MCU2 Upgrade Completed - O. M. Goodness

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My Feb built 2017 S has received the MUC2 Infotainment Upgrade. Wow. I like it.

Update for AP2.5/3.0 Left Side Repeater camera installed vs Right side AP2.0 (bottom of post)
Update for FM Radio 4/20/20.
Updated for Camera and TegraAP2.5 questions.
Updated for TeslaCam and Sentry - Videos.
Update for: Activating DIY installed FM Radio. See below, last section.

Before: MCU1 w/ HW 2.0
After: MCU2 w/ HW 3.0

Two hours into the upgrade the SC discovered that the mothership supply folks had left out the new MCU1 car to MCU2 harness. It was supposed to be in the hardware kit but not there. So the SC ordered it. Nothing gets here over night except Coronavirus. Getting the harness took a little longer than it should have. Picked my car up this morning. There are two MCU INTEL HW3 UPGRADE-kits One for TegraAP2.0 and a one for TegraAP2.5
Per my SA, the difference between the two kits is the wiring harness. A harness for HW2.0 and one for HW2.5 The wrong kit was shipped for my car. So, the SC had to order the correct harness for my HW2.0 car. But they continued on with using the HW2.5 kit since everything else was the same.

SETTINGS: My car’s configuration lost one setting, WiFi. That makes sense. We get a new WiFi card in the MCU that supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz, so it does not have the home WiFi password. Reconnected in seconds at home. Firmware 2019.12.1 If connected to WiFi and you put the car in drive, WiFi turns off. Leave it in drive and try to reconnect. Just hunts/spins for about a minute then timed out. Looks like hotspot will not reconnect after driving car.

ALL OTHER settings were still there. Driver Profiles, Easy-Exit, Outside Rear view mirror settings, Homelink, and Radio Favorites. I can’t speak to what happens when you select FM radio favorites, never had them. Remember, we lose FM-FM/XM radio, so even if there, would not work. And I had no browser favorites saved, so none there.

FM – FM/XM. As expected, FM and FM/XM radio is gone. No stations available. Service Advisor reminded me that it was gone when I picked up my car.

AP on NAV. AP w/HW 3.0 now has visualization that include traffic lights, showing red, changing to green at the intersection. As I drove under the light, they got larger showing green, until they disappeared as I went under them. Also, traffic marking such as thru arrows and turning arrows on the road show on the IC screen. As I drove past construction, each traffic cone appeared along the side of the car’s IC screen too. One section for contraflow has 4 foot yellow rubber poles in the road. The visualizations showed even those poles as I passed them. At traffic lights, the cars surrounding me were not shaking as per AP 2.0. I was driving to the interstate tunnel entrance that has a square single image light facing each lane. It shows either a downward pointing green arrows or red "X". Again, single image light, not a traffic signal. As I approached, AP interrupted the green lit down arrow in the single box light and displayed it on the IC as a traffic light with green light lit.

CALIBRATION: My Service Advisor reminded me that AP would need to re-calibrate during the first drives. A message “CALIBRATION IN PROGRESS” appeared on the IC below the speed indicator. As soon as I started driving, a small blue spot leading to an outer blue ring began to encircle the Auto Pilot symbol (steering wheel) on the IC. Calibration finished in 10 miles. Then another message appeared at the bottom of the IC. I could enable AP on NAV in settings. I did. Then in a couple of minutes, I noticed the visualizations appear.

After calibration, I tested AP for a few miles. I had only tried AP for about 4 miles, so it’s too few miles for me to judge much.
PRO: Response and lane centering was better than before upgrade. As before, approaching an intersection with cars already stopped, my car slowed. And I was 4-5 car lengths away from last car when light changed and other cars started through intersection. Mine was still slowing until the green light appeared on the IC – then the car stopped slowing and picked up speed through the intersection. AP seems steadier than before. But visualizations are improved and appear to me to be in concert to what AP is doing.
CON: The steering wheel nag interval seems to be more frequent. I counted 15 seconds one time and 20 seconds twice.

TeslaCam and SENTRY: With MCU2, my car now supports the Tesla dash cam and Sentry modes.
Update: Bottom Line: Links to video included.
Dashcam and Sentry would not work. After I read and re-read everything still did not work. I submitted a new work request. Within 15 minutes my fav SA contacted me. He had me run some operational test, i.e., charge phone, try to play music and neither would work. (I should have done this myself first.) We concluded something was wrong. Sounds like, but was not, left the USB extension cables from back of MCU to USB plugs unplugged. The told me to bring the car in. I did. They opened up the dash to access the back of the MCU and verified that the cables were connected. They installed a fresh copy of the same firmware 12.1 and everything started working. I had media and recorded some video for those folks wanting to know how the AP2.0 camera look with dashcam front and side/repeater video. See below 1 minute each.

Honolulu Downtown

Windward side Exiting H3 Tunnel Overlooking Kaneohe Bay

BROWSER: I visited only a couple of web sites, but response was immediate. It’s never previously been that fast.

SCREEN: The MCU screen looks brighter and images appear crisper, but that could just be because it’s on a new screen.

ENTERTAINMENT: With MCU2, I now have Tesla Theater and Games.

CAMERAS: No HW2.0 cameras were replaced.

INVOICE: Shows NO LABOR PERFORMED. (We know labor occurred. However its included in the Upgrade cost.)

Two part numbers are shown on my invoice.
1582613-00-A MCU Upgrade - Qty 1.0 Price $ 2,500.00 Customer Pay $ 2,500.00

Additional items for upgrade (MCU2 + HW3 package)
Performed Media Control Unit Upgrade with harness retrofit. Installed firmware and checked infotainment functions. All systems function as intended at this time. The retrofit disables FM radio. For local radio stations, please use Tune In.
Correction: Infotainment Upgrade From Tegra MCU and Autopilot 2.5 To Intel MCU And Autopilot 3.0 (Model S)
Parts Replaced or Added Part Quantity 1.0
MCU INTEL HW3 UPGRADE-For TegraAP2.5- NA (9874561-00-A) Qty 1.0 Customer Pay 0.00

There's questions about why my invoice shows TegraAP2.5 when this was a HW2.0 car.
There are two MCU INTEL HW3 UPGRADE -kits One for TegraAP2.0 and one for TegraAP2.5
Per my SA, the difference between the two kits is the wiring harness. A harness for HW2.0 and a different one for HW2.5 The wrong kit was shipped for my car. So, the SC had to order the correct harness. But they continued on with using the HW2.5 kit since everything else was the same.

Final Price included state tax. No separate charge for labor.

1. Check with the SC and ask them to verify that they have all the parts in the kit, not just look at the sealed box.

2. After MCU/eMMC replacements a few owners have reported being unable to unlock the car with the fob or the app. Recommend before you leave the SC to check both the fob locking/unlocking and light/horn and unlocking/starting the car via the app. Initially, the app could not connect to the car (sitting in the car, - active). Closed the app and reopened it and response was immediate.

RECOMMENDATION: Highly recommend. It’s great. So very glad I did this. It’s worth it simply for the performance.
My 2017 S is relatively young by MCU1 standards. However, mine had a number of idiosyncrasies that gave me reason to believe it was dying. Although under warranty, the MCUs eMMC would still have the same size chip and would likely have an another short life. The MCU2 has a 4 X larger eMMC and I can expect longer life. Out of warranty MCU1 repair would cost by today’s cost at least $1700+ including Tax. MCU2 cost is only $1,000 more than the MCU1 replacement and in my opinion is worth double that difference for longer life, better performance of AP and NAV plus the addition of Tesla dash cam and Sentry. Theater and Games are a small plus but I will likely never use.

Mine was the first one done at the SC in Honolulu.

Update 20 April 2020.

Update for FM Radio.

I am working with Teslatap to find a way to restore FM radio after MCU2 upgrade. The three of us have been watching eBay for more than a month and no sign of a even one S/X FM or FM/XM radio tuner. Our best rumor is a new 2018+> FM/HD Tuner (Tuner2) cost about $280 from Tesla. In the meantime, I have purchased a Model 3 (M3) FM tuner for less than $100 and we are working to connect it.

Initially, I was exploring installing the M3 Tuner on the passenger side of the car behind the glove box. I found adequate unused space and was going to simply fashion a L bracket to attach it to the car and the M3 Tuner. Mounting-wise the bigger obstacle would be routing FM antenna and the custom harness from the left side to the right side behind the MCU /beneath the padded dash. The antenna and new harness would have to have extra length to reach, but getting the wires to the right side is a chore too. Still doable. And if someone used the right side location, positioned the new harness and ran the extra-long antenna extension but didn't connect the antenna until the "day before", they might be able to continue to use their MCU1 FM before turning their car in for the MCU2 upgrade.

Yesterday, I removed MCU1 FM/HD Tuner1 from my S. (It was not working anyway.) It was not as difficult as my imagination made me believe it was going to be. I removed the dash end trim, the large left side lower U-shaped trim that goes from the left side of the dash to the MCU. No live wires. To get it out, in total I removed 3 T-20 screws, 3 each 10mm bolts unplugged two connectors. I moved the cage with tuner and with a half twist lowered it down and through the hole at the bottom of the dash by holding down the lower black plastic trim panel. Total time was about 30 minutes.

The original tuner had a two wire/two connector for the antenna. Teslatap found me a Y-splitter cable that joins the original two wire antenna into one antenna connector that the M3 tuner requires. So, antenna connection solved.

I mounted the M3 Tuner on the Tuner1 mounting cage reinstalled the M3 Tuner and cage back in the car. With the special Y type connector, I've also connected the MCU1 FM Tuner1 dual antenna to the M3 FM Tuner single antenna connector. Bolted the cage back in place. I have not reinstalled the left side dash trim because I still have the challenge of connecting the custom harness to the MCU. Total time to reinstall the M3 Tuner in the cage – about 30 minutes.

My MCU2 is installed. There's a new connector on MCU2 that is not on MCU1. It’s a BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet (100Base-T1) (twisted pair) connector for a digital interface to Tuner2 and that uses Cat5e cable and a unique 4 pin/2 used connector. My problem is, I can't connect it to the back of my MCU now that it’s already installed. I don't yet know how I am going to get mine connected to my MCU2 once we have made it.

The custom harness that I referred to is not from Tesla. Teslatap is working on it for me. We expect it to provide power, gnd and the Ethernet twisted pair connection to MCU2.

This is not the only issue I have. I am dependent on Tesla assisting my enabling my FM Tuner. Maybe, the next OTA update will enable the FM Tuner. Chances are very slim, but worth the wait. Otherwise, I will need to pay a visit to my SC and ask them to help and ask them how much they will charge me.

There likely two parts to my question for them. 1) Will they open my car back up and connect the custom harness to my MCU2. And will they enable the newly added Tesla FM Tuner, which I installed.

Update 5 May 2020.
Update for: Activating DIY installed FM Radio.

Bottom line: Tesla service declined my request to activate my MCU2 compatible FM Radio Tuner. (Sorry, folks – we tried.)

Last week, I went down to my SC to request they mod my car’s configuration to activate the Model 3 FM Radio Tuner that I had DIY added to my S. Mounted, connected and ready. After info provided by a TMC poster, we thought it was a simple process – change one line in the configuration or delete one line. I shared that info with my SC Service Manager.

Our SC folks, and especially our Service Manager are great Tesla people to work with. They are always so very helpful and considerate. We know how lucky we are to have such a special team servicing our cars. I have the highest respect for them.

I went in to ask if I could submit a work ticket to pay for any service such as diagnostic testing to activate my ready radio. They already knew of our effort to add FM back. The explanation accompanying the No, sorry, was: Restoring or adding FM Radio Tuner is not part of the MCU2 Upgrade and will not be performed. Because its not part of the MCU2 Upgrade they will not help.

This stalls my personal and TeslaTap’s experimental effort to activate FM Radio after MCU2 upgrade.

If its Tesla’s current policy to not make an effort to restore FM radio after MCU2 Upgrade, how do we get them to change their policy. In old days it would probably be a letter writing campaign, or maybe boycott a product. I don’t think either of those efforts would work these days.

Is there another way? Maybe. Over the past 8+ years we’ve seen many objections or
dis-satisfactions that owners have had with Tesla policy or actions changed when they were brought to Elon’s attention. Maybe what’s needed is a few or many, I don’t know, social media users appeal to Elon about their disappointments and preferences. Maybe affected folks want to tweet Elon about the FM Radio.

Update for AP2.5/3.0 Left Side Repeater camera installed versus Right side AP2.0

This 2017 March built car has AP2.0 front, left and right repeater cameras that are AP2.0. On 17 July I installed a LH side AP 2.5/3.0 Repeater, Part # 1125106-00-E. The right side still has the original RH 1034345-99-A. Since the front has not changed, RH side represents the colors for the front. And the Rear, of course is the Rear original. I am showing rear clips simply to display the true colors.

Those of us upgrading from MCU1 to MCU2 on AP2.0 cars know that the colors are not a true as AP2.5/3.0 cars. I wanted test if AP2.0/3.0 repeaters would make any difference or even work. Looks like there is a significant improvement. It’s not the same as true rear color as rear. And I don’t know what AP3.0 cars look like. But it’s so much better than AP2.0, I am permanently changing my AP2.0 repeaters to AP2.5/3.0 repeaters. I’m not going to change the 3-camera front.

No adverse impact on Auto Pilot as I can tell. No messages, Autosteer worked. TACC worked. About 50% of these videos were on Auto Pilot 2020.28.2
Summary. Left side is AP2.5/3.0 repeater. Right side is AP2.0 repeater. Rear camera has not been not changed.
These were from TeslaCam. I made 18 each 45+ second TeslaCam videos during a short drive. There's three videos to a set. Left Ap3.0 camera, Right (original) AP2.0 and original rear camera. This is six sets of three videos.
Links to the first three, and it should be easy to find the others



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    Did you receive the email, or you just asking for the update?
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    I simply used the app and scheduled an appointment. Under Schedule Service, press Software. There's a sub choice Infotainment. Then I described I wanted the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade. They contacted me the next day and setup the date and time. Didn't want me hanging around, so they had a loaner for me.
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    Very nice! I think I'll probably to a MCU1 replacement and not upgrade, since my 2013 really won't benefit from all the nice things you picked up.
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    Did they replace the cameras? The HW2.0 cameras are no full color,and if you use Teslacam, the capture would not be in full color.
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    Your report was so tantalizing that it made me look up the Upgrade price - $4000.00

    I'll pass, but only for now. It's looking like we'll be keeping our March 2017 build S75D for longer than we'd planned. It's configured exactly like yours.
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    $4000 ?????

    I thought it was $2500+ tax
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    +1 Reed-Lewis

    How does TeslaCam work with the older cameras?
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    @akikiki - Great writeup!

    @avesraggiana - $2500 in USA. Not sure where you looked it up. I don't think it is available outside the USA yet.
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    reed, they did not replace the cameras. I didn't have a formatted media with me to try TeslaCam. And after I got home, - ya know - SIP.
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    Please update when you get a chance to check the TeslaCam footage. Thank you!
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    So you didn’t receive email notification?

    “Eligible owners will be invited by email to schedule an appointment to purchase and install the Infotainment Upgrade through Tesla Service. This upgrade is available for $2,500 plus applicable tax including installation. You won’t be able to purchase the upgrade before we notify you that your car is eligible.“

    Which SC?
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    No email. Just asked via app work request

    Honolulu, HI SC

    Told me many people have called. Some that asked were pre-AP and AP1 and they tell them no not possible.

    Also said, they were ready to do more.
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    Better than having an SC?


    Stay at home and stay safe!
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    @TeslaTap. $4000 was the price that came up when I checked on my Tesla app right now, under UPGRADES. I am in Southern California.

    The $2500 upgrade to FSD price is also something I've seen and taken advantage of. Several months ago, and for a very limited time only Tesla were offering FSD for $2500. I upgraded our other Tesla, a July 2018-build Model X100D to FSD using that special limited time offer.
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    Make sure you're on a US portal.
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    My dash cam and Sentry mode was not working after the MCU2 upgrade. After a couple of days of struggling with it, I submitted a work request. I took the car in and the SC tech resolved the issue by reinstalling the same firmware version.

    Now, I have been able to record some video with AP2.0 hardware and answer the question - what's the color of the video when view on AP2.0 cameras.

    See the updated first post for links to Youtube videos.
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    @Bighorn. For sure. I've never used any portal but a US one. The rare occasions I've used a non-US portal it's been pretty evident at the very beginning and I just back out.

    My UPGRADES page on the Tesla app most certainly list the price of $4000 for Full Self-Driving.

    Both of our Teslas were eligible for the $2500 FSD upgrade during the limited time it was offered but I only did it for our Model X100D. Also, if I remember correctly, one of the stipulations for this limited time offer $2500 FSD upgrade was that your vehicle already had to have been on MCU2 and Autopilot 2.5. If I had wanted to upgrade our older S75D, I would have had to pay an additional cost, on top of the $2500 FSD upgrade.

    As it is, the only things I'm not getting for not having purchased FSD at the time I ordered our S75D three years ago, are "Respond to traffic lights and Stop Signs" and "Automatic driving on city streets."

    March 2017-build Model S75D with EAP, MCU1 and AP2.0 or AP2.5 - can't remember which.
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    avesraggiana, March '17 build is AP2.0 Know absolutely.

    Get the MCU2 Upgrade. It turns your '17 into a new car. Its so much more fun now.
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    Didn’t know $2500 was a limited time offer. Is that true?
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    I've not heard that. I was at the SC today talking to staff. Talked about when older cars might get opportunity, no word on that. Current position is not at all. No mention of change in price. Frankly, I don't believe its limited time.

    MCU2s are new screens. (Looks great too). And they want/need to old MCU1 units and screens to supplement the core supply. There's currently a shortage of available MCU1s refurbished and for refurbishment.

    Infotainment page still shows $2500.00 I've been talking to SC folks. Not corporate folks.
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    I'm going to have to run downstairs to the garage now. Never thought to check the car itself.
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    Couldn't find how to check for UPGRADES in the car, but on the MY ACCOUNT section of this Tesla website, going to UPGRADES specific to our Model S75D, it very stubbornly lists the price as $4000.00
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    I get the sense people are talking about different upgrades and confusing the two. Maybe I'm wrong.

    The MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade, available on cars made after 1-Oct-2016. It is not listed as an upgrade in the app nor in the online-store. Cost is $2500 and includes labor, but not local sales taxes. It is not required for FSD.

    I'm less sure of the EAP to FSD upgrade - $4,000 sounds right. For a few weeks, Tesla did offer the upgrade for $2,000 on the S/X. I think the current upgrade is listed in the app under upgrades. I already have the FSD option, so it doesn't show and I can't confirm the price. As this thread is really for MCU1 to MCU2, perhaps a new thread should be created for those interested in EAP to FSD upgrades, although I think there are a few threads already.
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