A Bit Of Positivity In The Midst Of All The Negative

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Despite all that's going on right now Tesla Motors manages to pull one of of its' hat by managing to get more vehicles to their customers than anticipated and while, yes, the coronavirus pandemic is going to affect ALL aspects of the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors, we can use the present delivery increase to extrapolate what sort of production/delivery numbers Tesla would be able to accomplish minus the impact the virus is having o the manufacturing sector:

Very positive outlook indeed!


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    Tesla Motors exceeds vehicle delivery numbers by 40% causing a 20% surge in shares!!
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    ya when its every other companies worst quarter, its Teslas best first quarter ever.
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    Exceeding people's expectations of them seems to be an inherent part of their business model.
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    GM Delivered 600,000+ vehicles but GM shut down sales earlier than Tesla so hard to compare. Musk was a Covid-19 denier along with Trump so Tesla pushed car sales more while others like GM were early on talking about industrial conversion for vents etc. (shot down by Trump's FEMA appointee).

    The car service shops are open which will keep revenue flowing and people's cars running. When I took mine in early March for a "Passenger Restraint Fault", the line up at Toyota Service was the same as the line up Tesls service.

    Tesla's China plant working due to China's successful response to Covid-19 would be more of reason for Tesla stock to be stable. Good timing there for Tesla though I don't know how sales there are going to be affected since China's shutdown was hard (why it worked) so people might not be spending.
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    What I think you're conveniently overlooking is that Tesla is not a 120 year old auto manufacturer.

    What I mean is that, relatively speaking, they're still a newborn car manufacturer, made from scratch, who're only just beginning to learn to walk.

    All the same they still continue to exceed all market and even skeptic expectations and do so despite the tsunami of ridicule and scorn they receive from industry insiders, shills, and associated embedded petrol and ICE interests.

    Perhaps the most telling factor in all of this is that this is an indication of the degree at which Tesla Motors has managed to increase manufacturing while simultaneously streamlining the manufacturer-to-owner delivery process, thereby increasing its footprint relative to the competition aspect in the automotive market which, BTW, Tesla still has no real competitor.

    I'll thank you to keep your F.U.D. to yourself, @FISHY.
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    Not sure why Fish wants to compare GM to Tesla.
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    Fish is a troll who likes to 'shill' for the ICE industry to incite controversy so someone will talk to them.

    It's best to put their sort in their place and then continue to ignore them altogether.
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    @blue adept | April 3, 2020 What I think you're conveniently overlooking is that Tesla is not a 120 year old auto manufacturer.

    Not criticizing Tesla for the scale issues, 88,000 vs GM's 600,000 and don't really see that the founding date of either company is relevant.

    Tesla is a higher price car and many Model 3 owners were stretching to buy it so that will likely go away for 2020 and possibly 2021. Tesla is not boing to be immune from the global recession so higher priced cars like Tesla might see steeper sales declines. Tesla like other car mfgs. should be able to get the Federal cash flow loans to keep them going.

    Service has stayed open and that has been an increasing money maker for Tesla with a significant contribution to Tesla being profitable in Q42019. Charging will likely be down. I charge at SC's and they are empty and that too as becoming a big revenue stream.

    With competitors for the EV dollar like Mach-E getting caught in the stoppage of production before hitting the market might also be to Tesla's advantage especially it starts offering discounts to move any cars currently in inventory.

    The recession is going to deplete peoples savings and jobs are going to come back slowly so all cars new car sales are going to way down.

    Noting particularly "optimistic" in 1st QT sales.
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    “ I'll thank you to keep your F.U.D. to yourself, @FISHY.”

    If there is one thing the fish lacks it is uncertainty. He is routinely quite sure of the things he’s so wrong about.
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