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Tesla Insurance Services Account Credit

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Dear Tesla Insurance Customer,

To help support our customers during these uncertain times, Tesla Insurance Services is providing you with a 20% credit for your March and April auto insurance payments.

We will automatically credit the card on your account most recently used for payment. No action is required on your part with credits issued automatically in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (844) 348-3752.

Thank you,
Tesla Insurance Services


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    AllState is doing something similar. With so many folks staying home, there are much fewer collision claims. It’s certainly a commendable gesture.
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    Got the email few hours ago, happy about it. It's not a lot and many other companies are doing similar, but definitely good gesture.
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    hi folks, any update on this yet? Did anyone receive any credit? I am still waiting for my credit.
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    oh wait I am a fanboi I cant post something like that OOPS! /s
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    Has anyone actually gotten this? I am still waiting for mine.
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    I received .55 cents credit in April and May, LOL. I called to inquire and they said that there was some sort of error on my renewal and it will be adjusted in two weeks :/
  • Regardless of whether Tesla's attack into protection will be fruitful is not yet clear, California forces a bigger number of limitations on protection bearers than some different states, which for the most part would make it less engaging for a protection startup.
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    >> hi folks, any update on this yet? Did anyone receive any credit? I am still waiting for my credit.

    Not me, not even .55 cents...
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    I gave them a call and asked about when the credit will be received..they mention they will be giving credit for the months of March, April, and May. They will be sending out checks in the next couple of weeks.
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