Trump’s bleach

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Thanks to his scientific comprehension,
Now MAGA hatters will start drinking bleach,
Injecting IV disinfectant will be soon tried,
And the occurrence of sunburns and skin cancer will increase after increased sunlight therapy without protection.

I wouldn’t be surprised he start to suggest anal bleach to get rid of the virus, MAGA hatters would finally have something to do.


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    Did you watch the actual interview? Hes not even suggesting people do it, he was literally asking if that was something that was possible, and that they should look into it. Not citizens looking into it.

    Read the headlines and dont watch the interview.
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    That something child ask when they are 3 years old
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    Ya you didnt watch the interview. You read the headline. The best video i could find is zoomed in on a womans face where Trump is talking to the person next to him that was previously talking. And hes asking about something, saying it could be done this way, then asking if thats possible, and that they should look into it.

    If you interpret that as "Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment", then you either didnt read the whole article and watch the interview, or theres a serious interpretation problem.

    This is pretty much identical to how the media reacted to when Elon Musk said that the coronavirus panic is dumb. Everyone wanted to say that Elon is a virus skeptic or thinks the pandemic itself is dumb. Literally anything to get article clicks.
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    I’ll watch the interview when I’m out of the nursing home

    Send me the link

    I can only read here, unfortunately

    What have you done today Andy?
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    flagged for media misrepresentation.
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    Yes, nothing

    As usual
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    lol attempting to turn the attention to what i've done today to distract from this obvious intentional misrepresentation. very good job. only read the headlines.
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    I guess you have the time to watch every trump videos
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    no i just looked into this one. you seem to have plenty of time to respond to your thread, but not enough time to read further than the headlines and post a topic about it with your opinion of something you didnt even read/watch.

    No hard feelings. But its the same as Tesla FUD.
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    I guess you have all your time to watch fake news
    Snake oil
    Putin sperm

    All good things against COVID19 that your beloved hero president is rubbing on his chin and chest
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