Model 3

The download for 12.11.1 is about 1 GB

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just thought I would mention that the download size for the software upgrade from 12.6 to 12.11.1 is about 1 GB roughly.


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    Do you have the latest map data (2020.12)?? -- if not, it may be map data
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    I just got it, according to my router it’s only 470mb.
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    Went from 12.5 to 12.11.1 yesterday (May 4). Router showed a lump of data just under 495MB passing through the data snake.
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    I just got it. I did not drive any different.
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    Yes, that Is my problem. Data Maps need to be updated but that file is super hugh compared to regular updates and needs a very good wifi connection which I don't have. Have to go to Tesla Repair to connect to their wifi. BTW I here the new Gen 3 Home Wall connector CONNECTS TO WiFi? Anyone know what that's all about. I can't see any need for that.
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    Just got 2020.12.11.1 -- had a couple adult beverages & won't drive until much later tomorrow.
    Don't see any issues.
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    How do I know if I have the latest map or not?
    And, how to request download the latest map?

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    billroger : Just go near a McDonald's and log into their WiFi. It's pretty fast. Or, maybe the crappy Tesla browser won't let you get past their sign in page?
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    globalMan : If you have the latest maps shows 9n your Software info just below the Software version you have.

    Touch Settings (the picture of the car on the bottom left)
    Touch Software
    Scroll down and it will check for software updates

    Below that you can choose Advanced Updates or Wait Until More Validated Software Updates Come Out (I forget what they call it, that is definitely not the correct name.)
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    For what it's worth, I loved my Leaf except for the 66 mile real world range. I still miss the heated steering wheel. I used to miss the all around camera, but I'm getting used to using the Tesla side mirrors tilting down combined with the backup camera.
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    Hey Former Leaf Owner is the Navigation Data the indicator of the map level? If so, I have NA-2020.12-11866. What is the latest level?
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    Thanks, Former Leaf Owner.
    "If you have the latest maps shows 9n your Software info just below the Software version you have."

    Mine says:

    v10.2 (2020.12.11.1 xxxxxxxx1af0a)
    Navigation Data: NA-2020.12-11866
    Your car software is up to date.

    So, does that mean my map software is up to date as well?
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