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Purchasing a solar system used

Hey everyone. I am currently in the process of getting solar installed on my house through Tesla new (9.45kw system). I am scheduled to have someone come inspect the house on next Saturday but today I saw someone is selling a 2 year old 9.75kw system on craigslist.

Initially they wanted about 20k for the system but I explained to them that my new system with install and all is only 20k before tax incentives and they agreed to work on the price with me.

Basically, what I need to know is, has anyone bought a Tesla system used before? I called them and they basically said we fill out some paperwork, Tesla does the uninstall from his house and installs it on my house. Warranties transfer, my app will be able to monitor the system.

What would be a fair price for the purchase of a 2 year old system that new, after taxes, is only 16k installed?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Hard to evaluate. Solar systems don't really degrade much over time and very little over 2 years. You need to find out how much Tesla charges for the move and how long it may take. They have quite a backlog with COVID, so it could be many months before they can do the work.

    If you're in California, you also need to be aware of the Rule 21 mandate:

    Basically microinverters must meet the requirements of this new rule. A 3-year-old system is unlikely to meet it and the utility may not allow the connection. A 2-year-old system is on the borderline, so you need to find out if the system supports rule 21. If you're not in California, then this is not a concern as far as I can tell.
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