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It has been said that if you have MCU 1 and you eventually get the new FSD computer that you will not get the FSD visualizations. I am wondering why that is? It does not need to be as graphical but surely it can put something on the map showing there is a traffic light and what light is lit?

Also I just got the 2020.12.11.5 update and it had some release note verbiage about FSD that sounded like they are trying to define Lane Changing and exit taking as a version of FSD and that you may not have the necessary hardware to get more then that.


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    I wouldn’t rely on speculation about how HW3 will work with MCU1. When those upgrades start happening, we’ll know.
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    @bill - Good question, but I'm not sure why visualizations can't be made on MCU1. It could be as simple as MCU1 is running out of code space to provide these visualizations. Maybe they will figure a way to include them too.

    My expectation is that with the HW3 AP processor and MCU1 the car will drive identically in FSD modes as a car with MCU2 and HW3. I'm in the same boat with HW2.0 - so we'll need to wait and see.
  • I have a friend who is getting the HW3 upgrade but refuses to pay for MCU2. They just rescheduled his upgrade but it will be interesting to see how it performs.
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    "I have a friend who is getting the HW3 upgrade but refuses to pay for MCU2. They just rescheduled his upgrade but it will be interesting to see how it performs."

    Interesting that would be the first we a are hearing about a MCU1 HW3 upgrade. I thought there were still MCU 2 that had not been upgraded.

    Did they try to get him to upgrade his MCU?

    When was he originally scheduled (date of scheduling and schedule date) ?

    What is his new date?

    Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Akikiki has his MCU1 HW2.0 car upgraded several weeks ago, but he paid for the MCU2 upgrade to move up the queue. Turns out he wasn't supposed to get the upgrade - a minor screwup. Officially, Tesla is not doing HW2.0 cars yet, even with an MCU2 upgrade.
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    That is why I was surprised by marika.appell post saying that a MCU 1 car is scheduled for a HW3 update..
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    Just because it’s scheduled doesn’t mean it will happen. I guess we’ll see.
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    MCU1 vehicles should be able to support at least some of the new FSD visualizations, along with the some of the new MCU2- features.

    The limitation is more likely because the MCU1 and MCU2 are not software source code compatible, and Tesla wants to avoid investing more development in MCU1 software.

    Our MCU2/AP2.5/FSD computer vehicle has the new FSD visualizations - and while they are nice eye candy, what's more useful is the pop up warning message as the vehicle is approaching an intersection and the vehicle is preparing to stop. The warning message is what's important for safe operation of the vehicle - not seeing graphics for stop lights, stop signs, traffic cones, trash cans, ... And those warning messages should be possible with the MCU1 processor.
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    I have seen a chart indicating a schedule for an upgrade for Model S AP2 to AP3 but I cannot find it now. Can anybody post a link?
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    @TT - Do you expect much of a delay from what appears to me to be the schedule from before the shutdown? I'm very interested in obtaining the upgrade to my MCU and AP. 2017 S90D MCU1 AP2.5 FSD.
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    Thanks TT. We got our M3 updated with the new AI and some other stuff done for free since we paid for the FSD. It is really awesome. I want to do our MS when it becomes available. If its only $2500 for the new screen system so be it. WE also got a new BioHazard filter replacement for about $250, This is a huge filter. It won't fit in the M3 which has a great filter but not medical grade I assume.
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    I'm still waiting for Tesla to contact me for the HW3/MCU2 upgrade.

    Sept, 2017 S HW2.5
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    @ Tropopause, have you tried setting up an appointment in the app? I was able to set one up without needing to be contacted.
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    2018 75D... I have MCU1 and HW2.5, I had made appointments 3 times for HW3 and MCU2 upgrade , all canceled by Tesla just 1 day before the appointment date, the first 2 appointments (March & April) on the alert of my Tesla account support page..."Make appointment now". The 3rd appointment (May 7th) was canceled about 1 hr before my appointment time, this last appointment was urged via a text message from Tesla directly to my phone stating that the"part" was in for install and told me to schedule for installation, I then scheduled the installation appointment along with the request for the MCU2 upgrade. The appointment was then actually confirmed thereafter by Tesla, twice, before the last text message just to have the appointment canceled about an hour before. So, go figure.
  • When will the FSD computer upgrade be available? I purchased the $3000 FSD upgrade for my 2017 MS 75 8 months ago. Tesla online rep said that no time frame for the upgrade was ever given. When I asked for a refund, the rep said that Elon made a mistake to make this available. It appears that I'm stuck with an indefinite time frame! Anyone?
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    You only paid 8 months ago? Some of us paid for FSD in 2016 and are still waiting.
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    I just had HW3 installed in my 2017 MX on Friday
    I have full self driving MCU1
    Software 2020.16.2.1
    Big issue is I have never seen traffic visualizations no cones
    I am unable to engage FSD at all on the highway.
    There is something weird going on as I should have had this with HW2.5
    I have made a service request
    Will update in a few days I wonder if anyone else has had this issue
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    No cones for MCU1. You need MCU2 for that. Don't know about the other items.
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    @Nocharge: Are you sure you have been upgraded to HW3? I thought 17s came with HW2, not HW2,5, and along with MCU1, how did you manage to have the HW2 upgraded to HW3? TeslaTap was correct that MCU1 does not show cone graphics etc. My previous post here (5/14, see above) stated that my upgrade appointments were canceled 3 times... strange now though last week I received a text from Tesla asking me to approve the MCU upgrade cost estimate ($2500 + tax)...via the mobile app, so I know for a fact that it would not be any kind of 3rd party scam, which I did...approved but not yet paid, waiting to hear back from them to give me an appointment again, now for the 4th time if it happens.
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    @Charsiubao - HW2.5 started in 1-Aug-2017
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    @TeslaTap, thanks for the correction. I am just curious how FSD will work with the 2017 and older models, since they do not have side cameras. I do believe Tesla oversold the FSD capabilities to the older models, and I have really not heard too many 2018 and newer cars reported the MCU2 w/ HW3 upgrades, only a handful so far that I have known, counting my experience with the constant cancellation of my service appointments and constant policy changes on Tesla's part, I really wonder where this is going to end up. I hope Tesla is not thinking that they can get away doing this upgrade act if they wait long enough for the owners to get rid of their older cars, trading them in for new models already equipped with the right software and hardware, if they love the car and don't want to wait or buy something else altogether...I for one, really love the car (2018), but I am really torn now between waiting, updating an old car, if that really happens or getting a new one with all the updated stuff.
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    @Charsiubao - All 2017 models have eight cameras; that change occurred in October 2016. The color filters are different until MCU1 was changed to MCU2, but reports indicate that the earlier cameras work with Sentry Mode with reduced color resolution.
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    Sentry Mode and Dashcam.
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