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battery drainage

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Seems like my Tesla Model X (2016 early model) is draining its battery while just parked. I expect some leakage and change in rage based on temperature, however as of late I started tacking (COVID 19 hobby) and it lost 2 miles in 3 hrs, 7 miles in < 24hrs, 20 miles in 4 days. Powering down the center display doesn’t help, I keep hearing clicking sounds (must be power relays) when I am close to car.


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    @bkkanu - Drainage generally means it is leaking fluid, which doesn't appear to be the case :). I know what you mean though. Most call this vampire loss.

    First, confirm Sentry mode is off. That will drain about 1 mile/hour when left on.

    Next, I'd try a reboot and see if it continues. If so, something is wrong and you should contact Tesla service.
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    I found that Advanced Summon was draining my battery at a ridiculous rate. Turning that off made a big difference.
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