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Alternative monitoring?

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Hello, so my panel system is up and running. Tesla covered the basics quite well:
* Panels are producing well.
* Cost per watt was good.
* Happy with the panels and the installation, no leaks AFAICT.
* Neo Gateway was not communicating at first but they did some remote management stuff and now it works.

So the system is running. The monitoring is very rudimentary though.

The inverter is a SolarEdge unit with Power Optimizers on each module. However, the inverter that was installed has no screen on it, so I can't access any of the data that the SolarEdge unit is collecting. I really want the per-module data so I can see how the various panels are performing. This will inform decisions on reorganizing the layout (whenever I replace the roof) or figuring out where to focus my tree trimming and measuring any results.

The Tesla app just gives a very basic graphic showing overall generation and consumption.

So... what to do? Does anyone know if there is an API that is available to get more data?



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    Well, I found this similar thread and I guess the conclusion is not really. (

    However, here's another spin. Tesla is just the middleman here, shouldn't I be able to drop Tesla and load up whatever monitoring I want through SolarEdge? Has anyone done this?
  • You can contact Tesla and they will give you access to SolarEdge monitoring problem is the inverter doesn't communicate with SolarEdge it only connects with Tesla via a Zigbee gateway. Tesla use to send this info to SolarEdge for us but stopped.

    If your inverter has a screen you can connect an Ethernet cable and some have had luck getting SolarEdge monitoring to work. Sadly if you have a SetApp enabled (screenless) inverter you cant change any settings without an installer SolarEdge account. I really want per panel productions. My system installed at my old house had micro inverts and I found it very useful to see per panel output. I could figure out shading and performance issues. It almost seems like Tesla doesn't want us to have per panel monitoring because then we will have a better idea when there are problems and request warranty repairs. I really don't like the SetApp inverter, wish my inverter had a screen.
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