NoAP not working between Motorola in Schaumburg and Alexian Brothers Medical Center Elk Grove Villag

edited November -1 in Chicago
I test drove my Model 3 for Navigate on Autopilot. It was after midnight and there were few cars on the road. Round trip between the Motorola campus and the Alexian Brothers in Elk Grove via I-290. It did not go well. The AP gave up on the ramp on to I-290 due to the seams on the road. It told me the upcoming lane change at the exit, but it did not actually change the lane by itself, so I had to veer at the last moment. On the way back from the hospital, on the ramp to I-290, it showed 60 mph at during the tight turn then gave up again. It successfully made lane change once or twice. Then it displayed upcoming lane change for the exit, but it failed to perform the lane change missing the exit. The turn signal did not come up. I wonder if I was supposed to turn on the turn signal to tell the car to change the lane. Has anyone used NoAP on that part of I-290? If so, please share your experience.


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