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Annual Service?

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Does Tesla have an annual service after it was bought a year ago?

talked to a service center tech, I was told no annual service at all on Tesla 3.

Any one has an experience?


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    Not yet, I’ll be coming up on year 2 in November tho.

    I do pump my brakes once a month at least to make sure they get used. But my car is always garage kept in Cali temps so I should not have many issues.
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    I would say... when the time comes for your wiper blades to be replaced... that you get some PIAA silicone blade inserts. Learn how to remove the rubber blade and put in the sill blade. It will last a lot longer and provide better wiping.

    If you live in cold/snowy/salted areas... they say you need to get the brakes serviced because things will rust?? I’m in cali so this will never be an issue.

    They say you should change the HVAC filters... but I would say its better to do this after 25k miles or so (maybe after 2 years or so). I an going to look at making some kind of pre filter in the fronk where the cabin are comes in from (it seems ripe for debris to enter into the filters from there (so like a pre filter).

    Brake fluid absorbs moisture, its probably best to use a test strip every couple years to test the brake fluid to see if it needs to be flushed.

    Wheel alignment checks are a good thing to get done from time to time. I need to look into getting a lifetime alignment program with my local Firestone (They usually have deals on this for about $180-$190).

    Top up your wiper fluid? The owners manual says something about avoiding VOCs or additives.

    Not sure what else needs to be done to these cars. But I would at least have an indy look over the car before your factory warranty ends.
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    I took my 2018 LR RWD in last week for a 2yr service. Kinda sorry I did, car was perfect. I had already swapped cabin air filters myself and checked the brake fluid dryness. Now it just doesn't feel the same after alignment. Maybe I'll get used to it, but lesson learned. Don't take the car in unless something is broken, unlike ice car in that regard...
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    According to

    every year

    clean and lubricate all brake calipers

    every 2 years

    replace cabin air filter
    test brake fluid for contamination/flush

    every 6 years

    Air conditioning service to replace desiccant

    Tire rotation every 10,000 - 12,000 miles
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    And actually, I think they removed the yearly clean and lubricate brake calipers as they didn't find any issue with these.
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    Scratch that. It's in the winter car section of the maintenance site. So my list above is good for model 3
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    I took my 2018 M3 in for a two year maintenance check about two months ago.

    I live in Texas so no cold weather to worry about my brakes/calipers being exposed to salt/chemicals so I told them to skip that procedure. I also told them to skip checking my washer fluid as I fill that myself and the same with tire rotation (had that done for free at Discount Tire a month before this appointment at the Service Center).

    They ended up only checking my brake fluid level and moisture (water). It was good. They also changed my cabin air fliters. They also checked my alignment front and back and adjusted the back wheels (toe in/out).

    The nice part about making an appointment is the Service Center will give you an estimate on procedures to be accomplished and costs associated with each. I then told them what to not do and they revised the estimate and sent it to me before my appointment.

    I did notice on the final bill that they called it an "Annual Maintenance Check" even though it was two years.

    Suggest making an appointment and then working with the Service Center on what you want them to do.
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    Were you already at HW3 prior to the service?
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    @rob Sorry I should have clarified that my M3 LR RWD doesn't have FSD.
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    I had a mobile service visit for tire rotation and new cabin air filters at 18 months and 12,500 miles as per original documentation. Turns out my tires were even all around so no rotation needed, but the air filters, oh boy! They were absolutely filthy. Don’t know why exactly but I’m glad I had them replaced. The cabin filter in my 2012 Nissan LEAF gets pretty dirty quickly also. Bad air in the Piedmont area of North Carolina I guess.

    So the plan for me is to replace these every year, not every two. Just me.
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    @Sam Agree, I will probably get these filters changed annually as well. I was experiencing the vinegar smell before the filter change but none now after the filter change. I'm also trying to turn the AC off and the turning the fan speed up several minutes before I stop and park the car to try and dry the condensation out and prevent the mold that might be causing the smell. So far, so good!
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    You won’t “get used to it” take it back and make sure they didn’t use the specs for another variation of Tesla. When I first got my car the service center needed to do a wheel alignment and it was off afterwards. I took the car back and was discovered that they were using the specs for the long range M3 instead of the SR+. The service center explained that the alignment specs were different for each model variant (at least thats what the technician told me).
    But he also initially told me that the computer would automatically correct the alignment after I drove it for a while. I called him out and told him that wasn’t technically possible. LOL!!! They eventually got it right.
    Good luck
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    The first sentence in the Tesla manual under Service Intervals says:

    "Your vehicle should generally be serviced on an as-needed basis"

    I wouldn't let a dealer even look at my car let alone check ANYTHING if there wasn't a problem.

    My dad taught me that 50 years ago.
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    “ The service center explained that the alignment specs were different for each model variant ”

    Highly unlikely that camber and toe spec would be different for any model 3. Like 0%. Camber isn’t even adjustable.

    I think the front toe on the model S may be electronically controlled. No excuse for service to get that confused.
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    I just lubed the brakes myself at 30k miles. Everything was in good condition, nothing fused together from rust having been through 2 north east winters. I will probably keep the same routine, lube them every 2yrs or 30k miles. Every year is unnecessary especially those of you in California or Texas and the likes.
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    just 1 year Rotate the tires and probably change the cabin air filters and there are plenty of videos how to change the filter if you dont want tesla to charge you 100 bucks for that.
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    I had 2 yrs mobile service at my home 2 weeks ago and paid $ 76 for changing the AC filters. No tires rotation required, no fluid to change. everything done will be charged to your credit card...You can do everything by yourself with you mechanics for less $$$. No more Tesla maintenance service for me if there is no problems with the car.
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    Tesla did away with annual services for all models in the later half of 2018.
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