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New rattle - passenger seat

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So I have been noticing a strange rattle for a while in my car when I have a passenger in the front passenger seat. It sounds like some rocks rolling around sometimes.

So with the car parked in my garage I went to explore around the front passenger seat in case something was loose and stuck under or around the seat.

I noticed that if I sit in the seat and try to wiggle around left/right I can make the seat rattle. But when I go back to my drivers seat and rocket it around I get no sounds.

I’ll add it to my list of things to have tesla service fix, but I’ll probably get the usual annoying message from them that even tho this is a new car with under 10k miles... that they are going to charge me $199 per line item issue/complaint to resolve (I really hope Elon can get around to fixing the issue with the service centers doing this stuff because no other new car manufacturer would make me pay to fix this stuff in a vehicle I spent $80k on). Sigh, and to think Elon wants me to spend another $4k or $5k on FSD which will be a feature not ready until my car is fully out of factory warranty.


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    Stop sounding so negative.....and you really did not need to post this little issue.
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    Yeah, a whine built on a strawman.

    Take it in, let us know what really happens (tell the truth) and then maybe we can get some "realish" data.
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    I wonder how you trolls actually get any value out of being on this forum if you can’t get your vehicles to work well. Are all you Fan boo trolls going to actually say your Service center experiences are on par with the experience you have had from legacy car manufacturer service centers?

    When you say its a “little issue” I have a ton of little issues with my 2018 P3D+ I know that Elon was rushing them out the door so he can indirectly collect on the federal tax credit. I still had to pay full sales tax on the federal tax credit too. But when I look back on all my other vehicle purchases and how they had minimal issues, when I did bring it up to the service dept’s i was treat a lot better in vehicles that cost 1/4, 1/3, or even 1/2 the price of this $80k P3D+

    All vehicles have issues, but how they treat you when you go to them for service makes all the difference. I have hope that Tesla service will do right by me... but if they don’t I will post about it. Educating future buyers of what to expect when you become part of the tesla owners circle is an important decision factor. Seeing how negative the Fan Bois are on these forums to issues/concerns is also something to consider for me as a future buyer. I have had great experiences with BMW and with Toyota... I have also had great experience with those communities/forums too. while I won’t let a few rotten Fan Bois spoil the bunch, it does reflect on the platform.
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    Compared to a steering wheel falling off into your lap, yes, a squeak is a minor issue. ; ) Look, not to diminish how you feel about your issues or service centers, but clearly different service centers will have different levels of quality. The two in my area are outstanding. Far better than the Toyota service I received and I always liked that Toyota place.
    When I received my model 3 in July 2018 with a build date at the end of a quarter, I ended up with a short list of small issues. I came back within a week and the service advisor and tech were simply outstanding. They went over all my concerns and two days later, every single issue was resolved. Now, a couple days later I had a slightly bigger issue with the computer. A bit more disconcerting to me but guess what...the service center folks were compassionate to my concerns (probably helped that I wasn’t upset with them or making demands), kept me up to date while the car was in service, loaned me a Model S P100D, and when my car came back it was pretty close to perfect.
    Am I a fanboi? If it means blind allegiance, then no. If it means an ardent and enthusiastic supporter, then yes.
    As a wise man once said, Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond.
    My 2¢
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    Yes I’m saying Tesla service surpasses all my prior ice service experiences. That’s the truth. 2 Infiniti’s, a Volvo, a Honda. Never had as pleasant of an experience or easy to get a loaner as my Columbus OH Tesla SC. Maybe I just got lucky.
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    Faz, you are so full of it....
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    “ I have hope that Tesla service will do right by me... but if they don’t I will post about it. ”

    Great example of how to sound negative when nothing negative has actually happened.
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    Onl the Germans and Toyota make seats that will never rattle in the car's entire life. The problem "which is common with many cars" is usually resolved by changing the recline angle until the other teeth contacting in that position wear out and then changing the recline angle again, etc..

    If the problem if from the lower part of the seat then move it all the way back.

    The people complaining that someone is complaining about an issue are pathetic. Tesla will have to resolve those minor issues in order to sell millions of cars a year.

    I personally couldn't care less because all the hardware Tesla is using "literally everything" is top notch and durable and I have no problem doing all the rattle elimination adjustments because I've always done that to my cars no matter how well they're built because when I add soundproofing rattles that the quality engineers didn't even hear start showing up. Tesla being an ev adds up to the severity of the issue. Just drive a 3 series and you'll be able to tell that tesla did a much better job at insulation
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    Y'all are missing that Tesla comparables have beefy performance-tuned engines that make a lot of noise. Only Lexus designs their engines to be smooth over anything else that's why they're really underpowered compared to German competitors, but it's still a big engine usually with a lot of noise.
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    Not complaining about complainers. Complaining about professionals creating drama for the sake of drama.
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    When I spoke to tesla service over the phone about my issues with the rattles and what not. They did make clear two things you all may want to be aware of:

    1) For those who want to DIY your own fixes for rattles, they will void your car warranty on anything you touch. So if I were to take apart my seat belt height adjuster and put felt tape on it... POOF any part I touch instantly went to zero warranty. For example people adding vinyl over chrome pieces or to ting windows and the window regulator ever fails... POOF no warranty. If you don’t believe me ask them yourself (This was confirmed by the service advisors in Fremont on Kato Road AND at the Monterey, Ca Service centers).
    2) Even if your car is new and under factory warranty. Unless the service request results in a part being replaced you will be charged $199 per line item for diagnostic.

    These are two very common items that are covered items for any non-Tesla vehicle while under the factory new car bumper-to-bumper warranty. I explained that to the service guy at the monterey, ca service center because he gave me examples from when he worked at MB in monterey and how they worked. I kindly explained the statement that BMW and MB don’t have this same process as he well knew (he didn’t dispute that claim with me either).

    So for all you Fan Boi haterz out there, please post the name and location of any Tesla Service center who gives you a different answer to either item #1 or #2 above so I can contact them to confirm. I have provide everyone on this forum two specific service centers and very specific items not covered by Tesla’s bumper-to-bumper warranty. I haven’t yet brought it in for repairs yet because of all this covid stuff going on. But when I do, I am planning to have them address it and if I am charged anything for the repairs I will be taking a picture of it and posting it here.

    You can say I am negative, you can call me names, whatever you Fan Boi trolls want to do is fine. But you can’t argue facts that can easily be proven on your own at the source of truth (any and all service centers). Go ask them yourselves and get the true answer... not the bully responses from ibowroom or any other troll.

    Ibowroom - you are nothing but a troll, I doubt you even have a tesla vehicle. Just because you are allowed to type/post things on this site doesn’t actually prove you know anything or add any value to any conversation about these cars. If I post something wrong with MY car or MY experience with a service center, then that is something I share with others on this site so they hopefully are prepared for the outcome. My experiences are not unique and are very commonly experienced by MANY others who don’t post online or even read car forums. Those who do post information are generally part of the minority. Please do not respond to any of my posts any more, they are no longer directed to you and are not requesting any of your feedback. Share your trolling with others because I really don’t care.
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    Here’s the reason I have a hard time believing in your types Fazman. When I am disappointed in a product and the company is not willing to make it right, my reaction might be to go out and post a negative revIew and the leave forever. And in person I’d gripe about my experience to anyone who’d listen,in person. .

    But so many of you linger around a fan site, and pick fights with and ridicule others who are happy with the product. It’s just not behavior that makes sense to me. You seem newish to these forums, but you’ve racked up a lot of thread mileage already. There are other ‘angry’ owners who literally have been around for years. It just seems that getting under people’s skin is the real jolly and purpose for being here.
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    The diagnosis fee is waived if it is determined to be a legit warranty issue.

    This car has a lot of tech that could be affected by 3rd party installations - it’s just one of those things about the car. It’s reasonable that Tesla reserves the right to void warranty for modifications.

    You really expect to keep warranty after you take the seatbelt fastener apart? That’s a core safety installation!
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    Tesla charging for squeaks and rattles helps them to sort out their customer base, from legit to compulsive. Nothing wrong with that. Tesla owners can sometimes be somewhat picky about noises in their vehicles so I completely understand Tesla charging for the diagnostic. Just a guess on my part but they probably get hit with squeak and rattle service requests pretty regularly. The fee sorts the wheat from the chaff. Should it be reproduced, as vmulla points out, that fee goes away.
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    You crack me up faz. You are the one with the outlandish nonsense stories. No one told you that any part of the car you touch is out of warranty.
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