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My Powerwall installation is abandoned

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I had an appointment to install Powerwall in Feb. Couple of crew members came to install Powerwall. After partially installing Powerwall they left without completing the work saying there is a part missing and they need to comeback. I have so many questions like why would they show up without all the parts etc but that’s for different time.

Since them I made numerous calls and every time they tell me the same. We don’t know what’s going on and we will get back to you soon. It has been more 3 months and not even phone call or email from them.

I understand the Covid situation but they could at least let know what’s happening?

I feel like Tesla just abandoned the installation.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


  • You need to stay on top of them. I had an awful time getting my panels both installed and then getting permission to operate. The process took nine months. In the end I started calling every day and finally threaten to file a complaint with my states public utilities commission. Tesla has great equipment, great install teams but some of the worst costumer service I have ever had to deal with.
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    Thanks. You are right. I have called them again today and was informed that now they are waiting for utility company to give them go ahead.

    Couldn't they have send me an email about it?
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    Sounds more like finger-pointing to get you to shut up.

    Did you ask them *specifically* what they are waiting for from the utility? With that info, you can contact the utility to see what *their* holdup is. Sometimes you need to act like the program manager of your project, and facilitate its completion, because nobody else is taking ownership to see it through.

    Fortunately (for me), I had great project management for my two Tesla projects, and had no complaints.
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    It's not clear if you've been waiting 3 months without contacting Tesla, but time for another call? I'd ask for a manager and see if that may help. I've always had excellent support with my solar roof and Powerwalls installation, including one minor issue after install that required a tech come back on-site to resolve during COVID lockdown.
  • I agree with @gregbrew. They told me more then once that they were waiting on my utility company. The first few times I believed them. I then started calling my utility and they had no idea what Tesla was talking.
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