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Lesson Learned using Telsa App to Schedule Service

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Today, I spent more time than I will admit using the Tesla App for the first time to try to schedule service - tire rotation and install
HEPA after-market cabin air filters. I couldn't get beyond entering on the screen keyboard the service I want.

Finally sent to the Service Center (just 20 minutes from home)and asked for help. The very polite and helpful guy at the desk showed me that all
I had to do was touch the app screen anywhere but the keyboard and it worked!

I am fairly computer literate, even at age 80, but this sure was not user intuitive.

Solution offered here for those similarly situated.


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    The current fad in User Interface Design is "discoverability", which in Frank's Dictionary is defined as "Not writing any documentation to help the user understand how to use the application. Instead, we'll let them poke and prod and swipe with one or multiple fingers until either the function they want magically shows up, or they give up in disgust".

    I feel pretty stupid on the iPhone that I converted to last year; every now and then, Apple Pay pops up on the screen when I pull the phone out of my pocket, telling me to authenticate with my fingerprint so I can pay for something (even though I'm not within 100 yards of a cash register). I know that some combination of finger touches while pulling the phone out of my pocket activated it, but intentionally trying to get it to activate has me completely stumped. And it's a "Discoverable" app, so there's no documentation that I've been able to find about how to use it.

    I bring this up solely so that someone here will say "Well, dum-dum, all you have to do is..." so I'll know how to do it in the future...
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    I don’t have any problems making appointments or using an iPhone. YouTube would be a quick resource for when/if you have hard time with anything.
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    @Frank99 by default, double-clicking the Home button when the lockscreen is frontmost (as it is when your phone is off) launches Wallet & Apple Pay. You can turn this off in Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Double-Click Home Button.

    And yeah, I'm with you regarding current trends to make apps "elegantly minimalist" as opposed to usable!
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    I haven't had any problems scheduling service to upgrade to HW3 and Tesla has not had any problems canceling my service to upgrade to HW3.
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