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EV Economic Calculator

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We have created a model, inspired from RETScreen (see to evaluate the economic viability of EVs. The version below (customized for Telsa Model S) is still a beta version, but we would welcome any feedback. The model is designed for international users so we have not fully implemented the imperial system yet (miles, mpg...) so for now, you may have to do some manual conversions from the SI (System of International Units). The model allow the users to take into account O & M costs, salvage value of the batteries, and allows for custom input of most important parameters. The next version will have build in Sensitivity Analysis.

You can download it for free at

Frederic Pouyot
Director, Clean Energy Institute of GPEKS


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    esla vehicles offer performance, handling, and comfort with no tailpipe emissions. Assuming half of all US electricity comes from coal, Tesla vehicles cut in half the CO2 emissions of its petroleum-burning rivals.

    <a href=""&gt; electricaltestcertificates </a>
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    Way more than that. If you use the long tailpipe argument you need to use that same as comparison for ICE cars too, and drilling oil, refining it into gas, transporting it around, storing it and finally pumping it to gas tanks is not clean energy-free process. Far from it.
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    Enough with the "CO2 molecule counting". It's a scam. Just consider efficiency. Period.
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    I hope that you really stop talking about it Brian. You are global warming denialist, an as such everybody already treats you as nutjob when it comes to your opinions about CO2 and it's connection to warming. The fact that you claim it to be scam just reinforces that image. So shut up unless you want to tarnish your image even further.
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    "Denialist" labelling is nonsense, indicative of a non-functional brain. There is no evidence (despite much searching) that CO2 influences climate, much less that the tiny human CO2 output does; only some badly designed climate models that computer modelling professionals assess as having "no skill" on any time scale. CO2's purported effects, if any, are buried within the orders of magnitude more potent H20 cycle's, and easily and trivially counteracted by them.

    What opinion the uniformed have has is of no concern to me.
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    typo: ...the uninformed have is of no...
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