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Screen goes blank

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Apologies if this is repetitive. On two recent incidents my screen (behind steering wheel) goes blank while driving, navigation and drive continue for about 30-60 seconds then screen reappears. Any ideas of cause? Once I return home from this 800 mile trip I will reboot. Thx in advance.


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    It shouldn't occur. How old is your car? It might be signs of the MCU starting to fail. A small percentage of MCU1s have been failing, but these are only in cars made before 1-March-2018.
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    Feb. 2020
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    I found it occurs when I try to use internet or other processing app on center console mainly but once when just driving.
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    Ok, not the MCU1 issue. Ideally, if you can find a way to duplicate it on demand, then show service. I'd set up an appointment to have it examined. It could be a power issue or something inside MCU2.
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    Thanks I can try. Do you know if that error would be logged, I did not get an error message.
  • Screen went blank while driving. Lasted 1-2 minutes. Car drove fine but I was blind to instrumentation. Car is 2020 Model X with 670 miles on it. Version 2020.28.6.
    Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  • Had some, was able to replicate it by pulling up web while driving. Went blank drivable as it reset. 30 seconds of blank screen.
  • Same issue happened to me several times (4-5 times as of last count). Specifically, the screens blanking happened on highway driving. Asked the tesla showroom person but did not get any proper advice on how to fix it. Tried restarting it but still found the same issue. Vehicle is 2020 model x with 2800 miles on it version 2020.32
  • My wife has had that happen to her 2020 MX twice in the last three weeks. I called our local Tesla service center the morning after it happened and they asked me for a specific time when it occurred. They looked up the logs On her 2020 MX that they were able to pull up and they told me this last reboot was a user requested reboot. Now, my wife was driving at 55 mph, so I doubt that she intentionally was requesting a reboot. :-)

    The service tech indicated the possibility could have been due to where she positioned her hands on the steering wheel… That is, at the 10 and 2 position, she could’ve unintentionally depressed both scrolls which would trigger the MC reset that then lasted for the two minutes.
  • To speed up computer:
    A Tesla tech told me to get rid of excessive stored navigation addresses and all of your trip counters. Seems to have helped. To really clean up computer go back to “factory settings” (you lose all settings:
    Seats, garage door openers, etc.) must reset those.
  • I reset both my trip meters after it happened a 2nd time in my June 2018 100D - 48,500 miles on it.

    I'll have to look at removing navigation addresses - Is there a reset option? I have a few favorites saved to stop the Summon Stand-By from using battery power while sleeping.
  • I experience this all the time. The small display always resets when I start to drive. The big display goes blank sometimes and has to be reset manually to bring it alive.
    not sure what the problem is, tesla service is also confused.
  • Since the last update my display screen go's blank and tried restart procedure a few times. Now today screen went blank after a short drive & has not come back on after trying the reset ritual. So for now I am driving with blank dark display ( useless ); using phone app to keep an eye on speed limit. Not being able to resolve this issue and now reading and hearing about other MCU problems not fun at all Tesla driving experience.
  • @s.spolen_98469673 - Is there a reason you don't want it fixed? I'd just set up a service appointment and have Tesla fix it.
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