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High pitch constant squeak / rattle in my 2020 Model 3P- Can't Locate Source

I have a 2020 Model 3P that I took delivery of in December 2019, and it currently only has 3k miles. Beginning a couple months ago a high pitch squeak / rattle noise starting coming from inside the car - maybe the rear area, although its been impossible to locate the origin of it. I scheduled a service call to diagnose it but due to COVID they are not doing test drives - so they said it would be hard to ID the problem, so I cancelled it. Best description of noise is a cricket sound, rattle of a loose washer, or two ceramic tiles laying on each other and vibrating. Anyone else have this?? Its loud enough and constant enough to hear over the stereo playing. Very annoying.


  • Link to video capturing the sound -
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    Could try removing rear seat cushion, reposition black foam connector cover on passenger side, then replace and make sure seat clips snap shut.
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    "due to COVID they are not doing test drives"

    That seems bogus. They have a cleaning routine for the cars when you bring them in and do drive them when in for service, also the loaners.

    Easy enough to have you get out, do the cleaning they do for service and drive it and fix the rattle.
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    I know it sounds weird, but see if its coming from the side mirror on the drivers side.
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    Warning @andy.connor.e does not own or drive a Tesla so has no idea what he's talking about regrading Teslas.
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  • Mike - I lowered both rear seats to see if it amplified the noise (coming from trunk) or stopped it, and it did not have an effect on the noise or noise level. Never removed any parts (seats) but may give that a try if I can figure it out. Kind of poked around back there to see if I could ID anything loose - but no luck.
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    I had a similar squeak/rattle but only occurred when driving over sharp bumps or very rough pavement. Turned out to be the rear seat center headrest. I have it in the up/elevated position. When I lowered the back seat then folded it back to the upright position, I heard “the sound”. When I wiggled the headrest, there was the sound. I shot a small amount of WD40 White Lithium on one of the vertical shafts and the noise went away. Kind of surprised how “Cheap” the headrest feels as it almost seems cheaply assembled...almost as if it wasn’t tightened or something. Seems so loose that I wouldn’t be surprised if the noise returns. Only time will tell.
    I hope this might help someone. Good luck!
  • gwleong - Funny you mention the rear middle headrest, as I thought the same thing. It feels super cheap and plasticy. And when you jiggle it side to side when it is in the up postion, you can hear some rattling. I will try your fix and see if it works. Thanks!
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    Check all your headrests. Saw a dif YouTube video where a headrest made the same noise yours does...they could recreate it by just pushing up and down on the headrest.
  • Good to know - any chance you have that youtube link? Thanks for all the tips!
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    I wonder if my hearing is going? I listened to the video twice and never heard anything unusual which others seem to hear. It must be a very high-frequency sound, which is likely really annoying if you hear it.

    One trick to help isolate a sound source is using a cardboard tube. Have a passenger listen at one end and move it around to locate the area where it is loudest. Helping to pinpoint the location can greatly improve the chances of fixing it.
  • - Funny you say that about hearing the noise in my video. When I play it from my phone up to my left ear, I can't hear it, but up to my right - I can. I'm 50, so definitely have lost some high frequency hearing ability in my left.

    Thanks for the tip about the cardboard tube - will try.
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    Update - Tesla mobile service came out and listened to my video of the sound, and said he had a prior customer that had a similar noise/squeak and believed it was coming from the door pull actuator on the driver's door. He lightly hit on the arm rest on the door and was able to recreate the sound. He placed felt tape under the door pull actuator, and hit on the door panel and no noise. Took it for a test drive and no noise. Hopefully that was the fix - we shall see.
  • Stupid question, what is the door pull actuator? Do you have to take the door apart? I have the same exact sound in my 2020 M3 AWD.
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