Model X

2016 battery upgrade from 60kwh to 75kwh.

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I’ve been trying to upgrade my battery but I’m being told it isn’t currently available. Does anyone know how to reach out to Tesla to find if and when the upgrade might be available again? It’s so hard to to communicate directly with customer service.


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    Tesla ended this upgrade program some time ago.

    No information will be available from them until it is formally announced that they will again offer that service.

    No one at Tesla will be able to tell you if and when the upgrade might be available again.
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    This is a little complicated topic about the defense system as I have already worked on it in my last so I need some time to review this till the end. By the way, this is a good effort. Thanks.
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    I am also interested in the upgrade from 60 kwh to a 75kwh
    but I don't see the option.
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