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Airbag Activation

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Over two years ago, my senior citizen dad crashed our X100D into our garage wall. Within five minutes of the collision with our house, Tesla Emergency Roadside Services called my phone, informing me that their system had detected a frontal impact and airbag activation. Our X100D was subsequently totalled, and replaced with another, almost identical X100D.

Three days ago, in our replacement X100D, I crashed into another motorist who ran her left turn only RED light. She was the last car to come through after a perceptible gap in cars completing that same left turn. The other vehicle's airbags did deploy, but mine did not. Could this be the reason why I never got a call from Tesla Emergency even though my car and the other were blocking a very busy intersection? I was quite disappointed to not hear from Tesla to inquire after my condition, but I'm thinking now it was because that my airbags never activated.

I'm pretty certain that our second X100D will be totaled too.

I am completely unhurt and doing well. The other motorist, the one I suspect will be declared mostly at fault, did not fare quite as well. At length she was eventually helped out of her car and bundled into an ambulance.


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    Yikes, that sucks. Yep, I think airbag deployment is the trigger to have Tesla check up on you. There are likely 100 times more small accidents, and if the airbags don't trigger, it's far less likely anyone was hurt. Not sure what Tesla can do remotely if you're blocking an intersection. Glad you're safe.
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    Thank you, @TeslaTap.
  • That is clearly a tremendous improvement, yet it's essential to take note of that airbags are viciously dangerous things that current perils of their own. The greatest hazard is to little youngsters, however grown-ups additionally face a little danger of eye injury and hearing misfortune. In the event that an airbag spares your life, you most likely consider a slight danger of injury a value well worth paying. All things considered, it's obviously critical to examine the likely risks of airbags so we can make them as sheltered and successful as could be expected under the circumstances. Present day airbags fire with less power than more seasoned structures, and there's convincing proof this has diminished incidental passings, particularly among kids, without trading off traveler wellbeing.
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    Urban Shield System:

    Due to the higher level of risk associated with the use of the Homelink and Crash Avoidance Systems for each vehicle, including the service tag, we recommend that only designated authorised technicians, who are certified in the use of the vehicle's systems, turn them on. In other words, Homelink and Crash Avoidance System can only be activated by trained technicians and only if the vehicle has been properly garaged.
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