building plug and play battery packs for Tesla, who can help ?

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Building battery packs with 18650 cells is a very complicated procedure and it will lead to some defects during driving.

Now I'd like to introduce an innovative method to do this work. Each 18650 cell will be welded with a connector by laser welding at very quick speed. Then we can build any packs with these pre-welded cells just like playing Lego toys. No welding tools needed.

For example, you or I can build a 48V100AH pack within one hour. Or, we can disassemble it into single cells within half an hour.

This method has been proved to work very well for hundreds of electric cars.

So, I'd like to hear feedback from Tesla. Help from anyone of you will be good.

My email address: [email protected] .



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    The battery pack incorporates heating and cooling and monitoring and management of the individual cells.

    Also,I doubt Tesla would share the kind of details you want with anyone outside of the company.
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    Unlike many other battery technologies, Li-Ion battery packs require active protection circuitry which is not trivial to implement on a large pack for EVs. Such a system protects battery modules from operating outside the safe thermal, voltage, and current windows.

    Due to the safety risk involved, I'm not sure that making li-ion pack building more accessible to everyone is necessarily a good thing...
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