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Please post if you live in South Carolina, drive a Tesla, or have an order in for a new Tesla

I drive a 2011 Roadster Sport, and have an order in the Factory for a 2012 Model S.

Very excited Tesla driver!


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    I hope Augusta Georgia just off I-20 will become a Supercharger location. -perfect for travels between South Carolina and Georgia.
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    I have P 65, a nov-dec delivery window. Blue with tan 60 kw, air suspension. Been waiting over 3. Years. Live in Pawleys Island SC.
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    ordering tesla would love to see a gray or silver if anyone has one within 200 miles of Greensboro nc or will be driving this way thanks
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    @Joey Thanks for the help on Monday with the charger !
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    I live in Charleston and just placed an order.. anyone live in this area? I would love to ask some questions.
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    I live in Bluffton, SC. I placed my order last month in Marietta, preferred date of delivery late February. Would also love to have discussion and ask and answer questions.

    [email protected]
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    awesome! I placed mine to arrive in December! so far my only concern is storage space in the the car. I am wondering what other owners do since there are few concealed bins to place items and there are not pockets in the backseats. What options did you select?
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    I don't live in the great state of North Carolina but I will be visiting for the Men's and Women's open in June. Any chance of parking and/or charging in Aberdeen, NC?
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    I have a Model S 60 in Spartanburg County. I was dumbfounded when a friend of min said "My next door neighbor has a Tesla." The Michelin testing center in Greenville has a red Model S. There is a white Model X somewhere around, and I heard of one in Simpsonville.
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    Frisbin - there are a couple that I've seen in Myrtle Beach, and we just this year got a large bank of superchargers at Coastal Grande Mall. Although there isn't a "club" on the Tesla website, we have a FB page -- Carolina's Tesla Owners and Fans.
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