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March 2020 X A/C not working

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Any known issues with A/C suddenly not working? I tried resetting multiple times and various methods to no avail. Per Tesla Road Surface will come in a little over a week so I would think it is an easy fix. Any other thoughts?


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    Hard to say. A/C failures are rare and there are quite a few components that make up the A/C. Might be something simple, but with a fairly new car, I'd suspect a slow coolant leak. These can be tricky to find, but I'm sure they can solve it.
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    @Teslatap thanks they just switched it to next week in a SC, versus road crew. Perhaps they downloaded something and saw the issue, although no warnings appeared.
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    Mine wasn’t working either (UK, June 2020) but seems to have corrected itself now
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    @TeslaTap - download recent software 2020.24.6.1 and this morning it is working. Will keep appointment at SC just in case it drops out again.
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    hilliard528 - I picked my new 2020 MX March 4th and the AC did not work. Two hours in the back seemed to restore it. It has now failed four times (including date I received the vehicle) and have an appointment in the Fremont SC tomorrow. Not sure what's going on. Anyone else experience multiple AC failures?
  • Same. March Model X and AC is blowing hot air. Called support and the rep said a sensor in the AC unit isn’t working properly. We drove the car to Charleston on vacation, it’s 85-90f here. They want me to drive 4 hours to Charlotte or Jacksonville for a service appointment!

    Tried hard reset (brake and double button) 4 times and also full “turn off” with 3 minute rests as the owners forums say, still nothing working. Please tell me a remote tech can switch this sensor...?

    This car is brand new and the AC is already broken?
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    michaeldmaxey - I doubt it. My AC appointments have all been in the service center. You can open a service request as mobile but they will still log into your vehicle and determine whether a mobile tech can do the work. (portable fans are cheap!) :)
  • Update here. I set everything to “low” and turned off “auto”. The rear system is blowing cooler air now, but the front and mid-console vents are hot still. I guess the systems are on different units? Also, I noticed an error “climate keeper unavailable due to system fault” . And it doesn’t disappear when I do hard resets (double scroll and brake pedal). Are others seeing this failure message too?

    So, I’ll be miserable up front on the 4+ hour drive back to the nearest SC - wife and kids shouldn’t be too miserable in the back, but it’s far from reasonable temperature to deal with 90f+ temperatures outside. Don’t think I’ve ever had this severe of buyers remorse in my life...
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    @michaeldmaxey - Never seen or heard of that error message. Depends on the version, but your specific X does have dual AC systems, so the rear is independent of the front AC. Perhaps run it on max, and turn off the front AC and it will not be too bad.

    Unfortunately, in the first few hundred miles in a new car is when you're most likely to encounter a problem that didn't exist when it was made. True of any make and model.
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    Ok...Purchased new Model X March 2020, A/C one day suddenly stopped working two updates ago. Tried doing all the typical reset options without success. Finally broke down and contacted Tesla Service via the app. Diagnosis.... evaporator temperature sensor??? Its a new car man! Because I live in the US Virgin Islands, there is no option for warranty service. I have to pay for a service person to fly down, pay hotel and whatever else to get this problem fixed. Oh, they can't come till the end of July....geeeez. It get it, if this happened years down the line, I would really expect to deal with such a crisis. The car is 4 months old!!! Buyers remorse...maybe. I had higher expectations for such an expensive car, especially with durability and workmanship. If this is the first 4 months, we are in for a serious ride.
    Will keep you posted....
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    So the service tech gets a free all expense paid vacation to the Virgin Island and gets paid for coming
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    @tchunte - That's a bummer. Ok, I would not buy a car in a location that doesn't have any warranty service, but perhaps that's true of many makes on a small island? Does Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, etc all have service available on the island?

    Since Tesla identified what the problem is, I'd try and buy the sensor and have a local HVAC mechanic install it. Not ideal, but should be a lot cheaper and faster.

    A quick look at the parts catalog show two sensors, so perhaps Tesla can tell you which one.
    Parts catalog:
    Enter an email address, and then go to
    which lists the HVAC parts for the X. There are two sensors listed that start with SNSR...
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    Thanks for the info @TeslaTap! Trying to figure out how to purchase part and go from there. We will keep our appointment until more confident part will arrive. There are quite a few teslas throughout the USVI Territory as well as Puerto Rico, so not sure why the issue with warrantees, but upon purchase we were made aware, no big deal. Really worried that its only been four months and we are having this problem.
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    Thanks for the info @TeslaTap! Trying to figure out how to purchase part and go from there. We will keep our appointment until more confident part will arrive. There are quite a few teslas throughout the USVI Territory as well as Puerto Rico, so not sure why the issue with warrantees, but upon purchase we were made aware, no big deal. Really worried that its only been four months and we are having this problem.
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    My issue is the fan goes automatically to 1 after a 20 minute drive, still cold air, but a minimal amount. Any ideas?
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    @hoffenberg - I'm guessing a bad temperature sensor? I haven't heard of that exact problem before.
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    After talking to a few people, including TeslaTap, it seems this temperature sensor problem is common with many MX's. My saga continues as getting help with my sensor is more cumbersome than I thought it would be. Long story short, found a network of tesla owners in Puerto Rico who were extremely nice to put me in touch with a very nice guy who is qualified and knows how to fix my car!!! He told me has fixed several MX models with the same problem. The part cost about $14 and is somewhat easy to fix for him. He is aiding in getting the part and will come to repair :) THANK YOU

    Elon Musk, as a a world wide car company, can you please help in the rural markets? There are many Teslas in Puerto Rico and quite a few in the USVI Territory. My wife and I love your brand and plan on buying more Teslas, maybe Cybertruck! Happy to bounce some ideas around....
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    Update... sort of. There is a "back order" for the evaporator temperature sensor! Does this mean there is a known problem? I have searched and called Tesla centers from Florida to California and they all say the same thing, the part is back ordered. We are talking about a $10-14 part that should be pretty easy to get. So what's the real problem? Recall? I cannot believe I am still without a fix.

    Is there anyone out there that can help get me an evaporator temperature sensor for a 2020 MX?
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    @tchunte - You could try eBay, but I'd avoid a used part. A used part could be on its last legs.
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    Update- My AC went completely out, just hot air. At SC for a week, seems to be the sensor.
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    @hoffenberg thanks for update. 100F today mine still working fine post ‘glitch’.
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    Hi everybody, I'm Marco from Italy. MX Raven 2019 my. Same issue, starting with fan auto slow down to 1 even if in manual mode and now only hot air from the front system. Rear is cooling.
    Evaporator sensor is the diagnosis on SC but still waiting for it from 15 days, and no notice from Tesla. Seems to be a common issue, but it's not a good situation that a 100.000 euro car fail for an unfindable piece of 14$ !!
  • edited July 29 i look to your link, but i think they are pressure sensor, probably "our" problem is here part. number 6007599
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    UPDATE: today i change the sensor and all issues are gone! a stupid sensor, 1 hour of workshop, in warranty, can cause all these issues, in order:

    Internal fan slow down to minimum even in manual mode
    Error: heater not available (white triangle on display)
    Error: Impossible to use A/C while in parking even by App
    Hot air for front seats, cold air in the rear ones
    No fans working even during cjarging

    The spare part is really difficult to find all over the world, they said.

    i'll be lucky, they had the last one for me.
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    @marco - COVID has disrupted all sorts of parts in the supply chain and causing grief for all manufacturers and customers. Glad you got the part you needed.
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