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sharing cabin footage with Tesla?

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I just wanted to see how many of you are sharing your cabin footage with Tesla? I've agreed to share everything else, but I have to admit that I'm a little hesitant here.

The agreement says the footage will be captured just before a collisions and will not be associated with your VIN. I find it a little strange that they specifically say that it won't be associated with the "VIN." They could have just said it will be completely anonymized and will not be connected with you in any way, but they singled out the VIN. So is the footage still linked to my account? My name? The address saved in homelink? The cell phone that was connected to the car at the time? It seems like there would be a pretty strong incentive for them to link the footage with drivers somehow, since it could provide proof that a driver in a high-profile crash wasn't paying attention like they are instructed to when using autopilot and that footage could potentially protect Tesla from a lawsuit or damage to their brand.

I think most accidents probably occur while both parties are not paying attention. So, there's a fairly good chance that any accident that you get into will be while you're yelling at your kids in the back seat or glancing down at your phone (yes, you shouldn't do any of these things, but people still do). If the other party's lawyer realizes there's a camera in your car and they subpoena Tesla for the footage, if its not really fully anonymized, that could come back to bite you.


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    I'm going to opt out. If Tesla was testing driver alertness or attentiveness then I'd say yes because there is an upside for drivers. Other autopilot systems do eye tracking to determine if you are paying attention, Tesla uses steering wheel pressure which doesn't work very well. However recording the last few seconds before a crash is just a way for them to shift the blame to the driver. The existence of that video creates a potential legal liability problem.
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    I've covered the camera to make sure it's not "accidently" turned on
  • I opted out of sharing cabin footage. Covering the camera is not a bad idea.
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    We opted in. It will be useful when we enlist our cars in the TeslaNet sharing program. Tesla has never been slimy like your car stealerships and has been honest with us.
    Owning 3 Teslas for 7 years has been awesome for us.
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    For those that don’t have the latest build, note that you have to opt in to share cabin video, it isn’t shared by default. Some previous replies mentioned opting out, which was misleading.

    I chose not to opt in, because I don’t think any potential benefit outweighs the privacy risk. If Tesla decides to use the camera to monitor driver engagement rather than the hands on wheel method, I might opt in.
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    Is there any way check on the opt in/out status? I couldn't find it in the menus. After I clicked on No I wasn't sure if I had read the agreement closely enough, did I say NO I don't want to share the video or did I say NO I don't mind if you upload the video.
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    Also for FSD a camera may be mandatory for level 4.
    Our Teslas have avoided any fender benders thus I doubt it will be an issue so I prefer Tesla to get more data.
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    I opted in.
    The opt in is found in the safety and security menu under data sharing. If you want to opt in to all the data options shared with Tesla, make all buttons Yes, then hit Submit.
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    Cabin camera is tied to SW 2020.24.6 and up
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    @bjrosen: The NO option, which was pre-selected on the dialog box, means no sharing. If you just clicked SUBMIT you're good. M3phan told you how to check the setting above if you're not sure or change your mind.
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