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I've got a standard model 3 aside from a few issues with build quality and the fact that I dearly wish it had a hatchback I am really happy with it. I've got into a regular habit of charging at home (over a 13 amp socket) and am happy having gone electric.

I'm planning my first long distance journey in it soon, which is 240 miles, which will be mostly at motorway sppeds, with aircon on and 4 people and luggage.

I dont expect to get there without charging, but in real world conditions with a heavy car going fast, does anyone know what sort of range I'd really expect? There is a supercharger 200 miles away, which looks convenient, but would you trust the car to go 200 miles under these conditions? I wont be accellerating hard and will probably not exceed 75 mph.

any experiences welcome.


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    I have a LR so overall range is obviously different. Top speed, rain, or elevation change have a larger impact than one might thing. Keep your tires inflated properly and slow down a bit if you're really worried. Weight will impact a tad too. People weigh a lot :) I'd schedule a Supercharger break and not worry about it. I would expect 200 miles out of the standard model, but no personal experience with a standard. Precool car/warm battery too at 100%.
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    The car is rated at 240, so you think that anything over 180 miles would be optimistic?

    also how do i prewarm/cool my battery? does that just mean leaving it plugged in until i am ready to set off?
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    @matstand: go to and put in all the information for the trip, including people and luggage weight and see what it tells you. ABRP has gotten significantly better over the last couple years and seems to be very accurate...Personally, and because it is your first real trip with the car, I wold ensure that you have an estimated 15-20% battery when you get to the charger or your destination.

    Asking the question here you will get answers all over the map, conflicting info and will probably just get frustrated.
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    Use the nav. The car will tell you where to stop and for how long. For extra cushion, you can charge longer than recommended at the stops.
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    The big variable that I don't think any of the planners account for is prevailing winds. The impact can be significant.

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    I did round trip GA to NJ 1800 miles in June. Car navigation was spot on with predicted % left when I reached superchargers. As long as you don't speed up over the speed limits more than 5 miles over you should be ok. Also navigation will tell you to drive under certain speeds to reach your destination if you are expected to be in trouble. It is very easy to travel and not so much different from gas cars. We loved our first long trip in our Model 3 LR with 3 kids and fully loaded with stuff. There was no single moment where I thought I won't make it to the next Supercharger.
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    And yes for the most of the part I was arriving with 20% left and few times with 10% when I got comfortable with predictions.
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    As back up I used abetterrouteplanner too. Not really necessary but does help a bit.
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    Good point about navigation. At any point in the trip, if the car doesn't think it'll make it, it'll let you know. Also true about the last 10% of battery will take longer and longer so allot proper charging time at home especially at 13 amps to get full 100%. If you've never done 100% charge, know that your braking regen is basically turned off until that juice has some battery space so be prepared to use brakes when you come to your first few stop signs :) Be safe out there! I tie a clothesline between front seats and hang an ipad for my kiddos on longer trips (this trick is age dependent :))
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    thanks really helpful
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