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Tesla Tuscan solar roof

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Hi group, has anyone heard about an estimated time for the Tuscan roof design roll out?


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    It's been rather quiet. I wonder if they ran into an insurmountable problem?
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    Hope not. I put down a deposit on the slate version in 2017. My Account “Solar Roof” project hasn’t been cancelled, but there has been no activity since I submitted photographs of my garage as requested by Tesla.
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    @grins - While I've never seen the slate version, now that I have the rough version, I'm not sure slate will be that desirable. My roof is quite slippery when wet, even with light morning dew. The slate version could be far more slippery having a smooth surface. Maybe not a big deal, as hopefully you'll rarely be on the roof but it could be one consideration.

    The other is reflection. Being glass they reflect the sun quite a bit. One neighbor gets a blinding glare in the late afternoon and has complained. I'll plant some high shrubs to help reduce it. Now that's with my rough surface style solar roof. With the slate, it might be like a mirror. I'd really want to see a real installation before committing to the slate-style. The slate style does look cool from the pictures, but so does the rough style isn't that different either.
  • Would like to resurface this comment from July since many Spanish style homes ready for a new roof are waiting and have been for years now. Is it even happening? We’ve heard nothing and would appreciate some guidance since we need new roofs!
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