Electric Vehicle Forum

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Will Tesla be at the Champaign Electric Vehicle Forum next week? The Forum is Tues, Oct 23rd at the I Hotel in Champaign, IL (within range of the Oakbrook store!).

According to the program website "It's a day of discussion and education relating to the potential opportunities and challenges relating to the use of electric vehicles in Illinois. Presenters from different areas throughout the industry will be on hand to share their insights and to answer questions from the audience.

These forums have been specifically designed to provide information that is relevant to municipal entities, private groups, fleet owners, electric service companies, car dealerships, car rental companies, car mechanics and the general public.

Topic areas currently consist of the following:

EV 101 – A panel discussion covering everything from basic electric vehicle terminology to perspectives from the automotive manufacturers and utility companies.
Electric Vehicle Recharging – recharging options, consumer behaviors and electric rate options for EV owners
Incentives for Today and the Future – Rebates, tax breaks and other incentives available for the purchase of electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure.
Environmental and Health Impacts of Electric Vehicles
Recharging station safety
Local pilot projects – Lessons learned from current electric vehicle owners
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