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Hi - Does anyone has an experience buying used Model X from Tesla? They only post some pictures and it is upto you to reject /accept based on the pictures, no seeing the car before making an order as everything is in their stockyard. I understand it is only a $100 risk. Importantly, do Tesla really take care of their used Cars; carfax does not list all undeclared records, do Tesla check and declare everything they find or is it just an eyewash, especially when all sales are final. I was planning to buy 2017 75D..just a tad scared, a $65k commitment!


  • just bought one was fine the pics do a good job of showing imperfections had a few small imperfections but showed up on pics very happy first cpo we got an S just sold her to get the x
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    just my 2 cents but i feel that the tesla used sales experience was not good. i bought mine from them and if i were to do it again i prob would go to private party or a reputable big name local luxury dealership such as mercedes benz.

    the used teslas they take in, they do not inspect it at all other than what you see in the few pictures. i'll give you an example. my vehicle had a rat's nest built on top of the 12v battery in the frunk that i discovered after purchase. this is but one example of what kind of quality inspection your vehicle goes through before it's handed to you. a few other examples:

    1. tires were completely SHOT. balding on all corners and cracked, yet they tried to pass this off to their consumer as meeting legal requirements? Only after days of back and forth was i able to get them to replace a couple of them, but even at the shadiest of dealerships would this have not been an issue at all.
    2. charger that wasn't working and looked like it was run over by a 4x4 while mudding. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. I even raised the issue of the condition at delivery and the quality of service i got was a shrug and a "oh that's just how the previous owner supplied it". To my dismay after bringing it home, I see it was completely non functional and should've been very obvious to their techs but it took over a week and 3 trips of fighting and arguing with their incompetent technician to finally get them to agree it wasn't working. Apparently to them, the orange blinking light (reduced charge capacity due to not seating correctly) was "passable".
    3. groans and noises - since you can't test drive it, you won't know until it's too late. and they don't cover noises in their warranty so you're SOL on this.

    This is just off the top of my head. The many issues goes on and on and they will fight you tooth and nail over ALL of it.
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    I bought my 2016 PDL from Tesla with only 15k miles. I do agree with post regarding the inspection. There were numerous issues with the car and the tires were shot. They did agree to replace the tires...
    The biggest advantage buying from Tesla is the extended warranty... I would NEVER buy a Tesla (especially the X!) out of warranty... I’m on a first name basis with the Service Center manager due to my numerous visits...

    Nice thing about the 2016 MX are the Model X above the door stamp, retractable spoiler, self presenting doors, captain chairs with heating and cooling, real leather finishing (versus vegan leather) and the very unique dark red paint...

    I’m waiting now to get my upgraded infotainment system to Intel Atom for $2,500... and it’s a new car!
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    Not to mention the 72A dual charger... also discontinued...
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    The one big factor in making a decision to but a Tesla CPO is that the vehicle warranty is "reset". Say the used Tesla has 40k miles on it when you purchase it, Tesla will give you a new 4 year/50k mile warranty in addition to the existing 8year/120k mile battery pack warranty.

    I got a valuation of my 2017 MX 75D with 46.5k Miles, FSD, FUSC, Lifetime PC, new tires and clean vin report of $47.6K. I thought that was a lowball valuation, so I went out on Craig List. Got more for it than Tesla offered but still not the amount they would have sold it as CPO. I looked and found 3 similar vehicles of comparable options from $59k to 62.5k. My buyer got an "as-is" vehicle w/o the added security of the reset warranty. So you have to weigh the OEM warranty and save $8k or get a vehicle that is backed by Tesla. What is your risk tolerance??
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    i have a 2016 and it didn't come with the 72A but from what my SA said, it's still avail as a $2k retrofit. it's called a "gen3 on board charger".

    What's the "above the door stamp" about?
  • I just got 2017 MS75 w/ 18k mi from Fremont 2 weeks ago (10/2020). A month ago the sales advisor said Tesla stopped providing pictures of individual cars that they’re selling used - fairly risky considering Tesla’s lower cosmetic standards for used cars. But, I was able to still get pictures of a few I was interested before it stopped, so I was confident of the condition of the car. Scheduling pickup was a difficult process- we got notification 1 day before we were supposed to pick it up, we called and manager approval was required to push a week because contract allows max 3 days. This is pretty ridiculous considering people have to work. The day of pickup, the appt time on our account said 2am. It was really hard to reach anybody- turned out the delivery center was closed that day(!) Finally we made the trip the day after. The car was pretty much as expected vs the pictures. The only gross thing was crumbs in the cup holders and some surfaces were not cleaned. It’s a bit odd because all the floors looked vacuumed. We noticed a couple 2” scratches in the leather and was able to get that recorded before leaving. Brought it to SC a week later and advisor comes up to me saying “so you ready to get FSD”? Uh, the car was sold to us as already having FSD. The invoice and options on the car computer said FSD. Apparently not. They said there was a bulletin for this car to have FSD hardware and software installed. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get autopark to work. Leather was fixed. Car is great- just need to get it detailed now.
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