Tesla Sues Rivian

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Tesla filed a lawsuit against Rivian, claiming that the latter stole trade secrets and poached employees.

In the lawsuit, Tesla said it was Rivian’s “number one target from which to acquire information.” The EV automaker claimed that Rivian hired about 178 former Tesla employees. At least 70 of those former workers joined Rivian right after their employment with Tesla.

The global leader in the EV market also names four former staff members, who broke their NDAs and transferred “highly sensitive proprietary information” to their emails before starting their employment at Rivian. Tesla suspects there are at least two more culprits who have done the same.

Misappropriating Tesla’s competitively useful confidential information when leaving Tesla for a new employer is obviously wrong and risky. One would engage in that behavior only for an important benefit -- to use it to serve the competitive interests of a new employer,”


I have been rooting for Rivian but now I see that (if proven true) these allegations show that Rivian is in fact a bad actor and deserving of scorn.


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    How else will Rivian (or any other EV company for that matter) be able to even come close to Tesla's dominance in the EV field without trade secrets from Tesla.

    Rivian is stealing secrets, Nikola is lying about what they are doing, other mainstream ICE makers are inept, and no one else will be able to make anything as good as even a 2012 Model S.
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    Thanks SamO. This is a black eye for rivian.
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    @Fishev "Sounds more like Tesla is fearing competition"

    @Tesla "Tesla irrevocably pledges that it will not initiate a lawsuit against any party for infringing a Tesla Patent through activity relating to electric vehicles or related equipment for so long as such party is acting in good faith."

    Yah, man. That sounds like the action of a company fearful of competition.
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    If Tesla wins this lawsuit that means Ford is done.
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    Thanks andy. Forgot about F being so cheap and lazy.
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    Its kind of sad, because all these legacy automakers partnering with these startups just proves that they cannot do it. Even when Tesla has open patents. Its truly become a pathetic industry.
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    "faster to market?"

    Ask the bolt how that turned out.

    "Real truck design?"

    Feel free to let everyone know when the cybertruck was supposed to be a typical truck. The unveiling was great, absolutely embarrassed legacy automakers for 100 years of never changing the truck design. It was awesome. My favorite part was roasting Ford for their "built tough" slogan. Made out of tissue paper, absolutely savage.
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    “Sounds more like Tesla is fearing competition and doing the usual corporate raider bit with slap suits, hoping it slows the competitors down.“

    I got a good chuckle out of that statement.
    Tesla “fearing competition”?, you obviously don’t know much about Elon.
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    If Rivian used Tesla’s intellectual property, then they can be held liable. It’s called theft.
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    @ :0/',,,,, does that look like an aquatic mammal?

    "It does reveal the hypocrisy of Tesla's "open patents" public relations scam. They have no value."

    Seems to me the opposite is true. Elon offered open patents but the deal is to share: we give you ours so you give us yours.
    The fact that no one but nobody has taken up the offer implies the enormous value Legacies put on their patents and hence by deduction my dear Watson, Tesla patents are more valuable than any OEM can afford.
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    As if Tesla hasn’t done the same. lol
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    So much stupid in one post.

    “Slap” suits are actually SLAPP suits

    And they have zero to do with this case.

    Second, Rivian and the employees are alleged to have taken “proprietary” information, not publicly available patents.

    Rivian has no patents of value to Tesla.

    More shitposting by the leather birdie.
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    Possibly a big fine; I believe Tesla already got some settlements. Glad to see they are protecting themselves.
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    Its an insult, because of all the patents and technology Tesla offers for free, Rivian employees steal more. This is just more evidence they cannot do it.
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    Most of what is alleged to be taken has to do with factory automation and hiring practices.
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    I got no sympathy for liars and thieves. Bye bye, Nikola and Rivian. You are both dead to me.
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    Tesla is scared of Rivian?


    Keep dreaming leather fishie.
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    Imagine Rivian was suing Tesla on the same facts.

    Guppy would be here claiming Tesla was trying to strongarm Tesla.

    And still doesn’t know WTF SLAPP lawsuits mean.

    What a fucking intentional ignoramus.
  • This issue, is not and unlikely byproduct of Musk's habit of driving people away or firing them. In the 14 years that we've been Tesla customers, there are only a very small handful of employees that were there from the beginning and are still with Tesla.
    Musk has to realize that when he drives good people away, they aren't just going to resign to being an Uber driver for the rest of their lives. In this particular case, however, perhaps there was more egregious behavior though such as emailing true proprietary information out prior to separation.
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    Turnover at Tesla is likely about the same as most companies. I expect Elon has fired less than 100 people during the 14 years, out of 48,000 employees. I'm sure some employees also quit during this time. Perhaps the stress of working hard was too much, perhaps they were lured away with a pile of cash, and perhaps they prefer a different weather climate. We will never know.

    Now when you quit for a pile of cash to go to a competitor and then poach a ton of your former employees, that becomes unethical. Depending on how it is done it may not be illegal. Taking private documents from the prior company to your new company is illegal and considered trade theft.
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    TT +10000
    Plus those leaving probably left with TSLA stock and made a killing. Money vs. ethics shows lack of character.
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    Tesla is open to licensing software and supplying powertrains & batteries. We’re just trying to accelerate sustainable energy, not crush competitors! - Elon Musk

    Question: software for autopilot?

    Sure -Elon Musk

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    Pay Tesla to use their stuff so they can get more money to keep improving everything.
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    Bam Elon proves Fish wrong once again. So satisfying
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    Elon prices fish wrong should be on Eagle’s tombstone.
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