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Tesla HUD (Heads Up Display) coming?

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Has anyone heard if HUD is coming? It would be great for FSD!


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    Nope, and I've not heard any rumors or hints of it. I think the idea is you need fewer displays with FSD, and perhaps one reason the 3 and Y has only one display. Not sure why anyone would need HUD with FSD.
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    Thx @teslatap aka #oz
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    I would love a HUD in Tesla, mainly for navigation. I don't like the audio queues because they interrupt the music. I would prefer a visual queue on the windshield.

    That is the only thing I miss from my BMW.
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    @TT...I would agree with your assesment once the FSD has become "tried and true". I for one have driven the AP for some years, and I have gained confidence in it's abilities with each new iteration; but there has been times it scared the poop out of me. So a HUD until it has performed until the individual driver has her/his confidence would not hinder anything. I would find it helpful as I just made the transition from MX to MY and "I miss my dash UI" A little Dire Straights tounge-in-cheek. It may take me a few long distance trips to get used to the landscape UI in the MY, but I sure miss that big screen and dash UI. MHO
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    @mbirnie51 yes I am still in the ‘getting the confidence’ mode. My style of driving coasts to stops, the FSD jams the breakers on and is frightening. Reminds me of my wife’s driving lol last minute brakes. I love the highway but exits still and issue and backroads hot or miss. I get it is beta cannot wait to try what Elon is using in in his alpha testing.
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    Just D/L SuperHUD from your favorite APP store.
    It’s actually pretty good.
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    My comments were with an after-market HUD in mind. Once the FSD gets more solid and your comfort level is appropriate...out goes the unsightly HUD. But until then, you might feel safer and use the system more, giving more useful data to the Tesla neural network.
    Recently changed from 2017 MX to new MY. My first few hundred miles using NAV-ON_Autopilot in the MY, I feel less confident than just 2 weeks ago in the MX. I assumed the newer car would be light years ahead of the old MX in NAV, but I'm not feeling it yet. The old MX went through many iterations and software updates...she might be a bit *smarter* than her younger brother.
    Also, still getting used to the dramatic differences between the X and Y. But I sure love the better efficency of motors, larger energy density of the cells, and the higher Kw input at Supercharging. Going from a max of 80Kw input to 225 Kw input sure makes the charging session much shorter. You have to find your coffee and pee stops much quicker and closer to the station so you don't get idle fees. I used to have an hour of charging, now I'm on my way in 25-30 mins from a15% SOC to 85%.
  • The fact that there is no head up display available for any Tesla is one of the few things where Tesla falls short of its European competitors. This should be easy to remedy!
  • I don’t want one. I love the clean interior styling. Less between you and the road.
  • @ElonMusk: Not having HUD is one of the main reasons what prevents me from buying a Tesla .. Please, add extra option.. I would gladly pay extra $1K for HUD ...

    For HUD haters - do not like it - turn it off.. To turn off it is always easier that to install some 3rd party stuff...
  • I don't see Tesla ever coming out with a HUD. Here is the reason why......FSD. Elon/Tesla continues to push for the day when cars are fully autonomous. You don't need HUD. Tesla is already looking to implementing "steer by wire". Why? Yes there is some weight and component (steering column) savings, but that's not the ultimate reason. It is to further develop the concept of having no steering wheel. The existing auto hold feature eliminates what? A human having to push the brake pedal. There are other examples, but this again all leads to FSD cars with no need to our input/control, so there would be no need for a HUD.
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