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V3 Superchargers - where are they?

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How can I determine in advance if a supercharger site has any V3 charging stations ? All I see when clicking on a site is 'up to 150 kWh'.


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    It should say "up to 250 kWh" if it has any V3 charging stations. They have been putting them in for about a year now, but I'd guess less than 5% of locations have V3 yet. You can try Fremont CA at the factory,. That's the first V3 location.
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    I checked on the Fremont location and it says up to 150kW like all the others - this is the one at 45500 Fremont.
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    @marcustcohn - You're right! Ok, I've been to Fremont and it has 8 v3 stalls and 4 v2 stalls, so perhaps when it is mixed, they only show the lower level.

    Scotts Valley, CA, does show 250 kW on the Tesla in-car map, although I've not been to this fairly new location.

    So I guess they only show 250 kW when all the stalls at the location are V3.
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