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My Used Car buying experience

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Advisors who are assigned to cars don't have any additional information that what is available to you. Obviously, they are in Cali and used car may be sitting in Florida. They are at best misleading; they will only answer vaguely and never respond with any additional disclosures.

Vehicle I received had many issues. Post-purchase they simply asked me to get it upgraded at my cost and said they don't take any responsibility after car is sold.

The used cars are sold as-is and buyer buys based on some pictures, but with absolutely no clue how the vehicle runs. It is a big risk buying an expensive car from Tesla when you don't get a chance to drive it even once or see it. Once delivered, tesla takes no responsibilities.

I am now trying to trade-in this for a new Tesla car, and they don't even provide a trade-in value as I am pretty sure, they will never honor it at the same price or even slightly reduced value. (all car dealers will do the same)

Although, I should have thought about it before buying, the fact that you can trade-in your vehicle to Tesla with a bunch of pictures only, the same applies when you buy used from them - they simply sell you the tesla that was traded-in by someone with bunch of pictures only. They may do some tests, but used is used, they will never try to repair it to fullest, as is evident from my car purchase.

In short,
1. Just because a used car is sold at higher price by Tesla, does not mean it is a car that was taken care of by Tesla, they simply list the cars and value it more than the marketplace as they don't want to undervalue their own car.
2. Before buying an expensive used car it makes sense to drive the car, a 10K driven car can be used very roughly by the previous owner and may be equivalent to $30K driven by a very good driver. Do you want to pay premium for 10K driven car without driving it and feel confident about the condition?
3. Don't be too attached to Tesla company for Tesla used car - they don't take any responsibility for the used car, as they passionately market their new cars.
4. If possible, go for a new car, I know money is a factor, but 9 out of 10 times, a used car will only give you pain in the end and is not worth it - especially, when you are buying a car without checking it out.
5. Tesla used card advisors are useless, they don't know anything more than you do.

Finally, I must also point out, there is some manipulation of price taking place with the used car division. A car that I got interested and that was not sold for more than 6 mths.(found from a tracking website), after I showed interest to the used car advisor and was about to buy next day morning, surprising it was sold!! What are the odds of that happening? I am sure used car team is tracking the everyday fall in price and when they find someone is interested, they alert it to someone - speculation, but I think very much true.

6. If you like the used car and you are determined to buy it - don't contact the advisor first. Pay #100 and book it.
7. Buying a used tesla from Tesla itself is not a good strategy, check other places, Tesla does not give you more - yes, I should acknowledge they give you a good warranty - which is much needed, if you are buying without driving the car. but warranty will never cover, scratches and dents, rattles and many other issues.

I know many may have had good experiences as well. But my experience has been extremely bad, so much that I consider their used car division to be no different from any other harrowing car dealers in your city - you will never get satisfied. I went with online purchase to avoid trouble trusting Tesla for Tesla cars, but regret immensely.

Hope my lessons leaned will be beneficial for others.
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