Touch Screen Date Reset

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My Roadster's touch screen date reset itself recently to December 2000. Though there is a setting screen to change the time, I cannot find one to change the date, and the touch screen owners manual offers no suggestions.

* Why would the date reset to 2000?
* Does an incorrect date adversely affect any systems or driver notifications?
* Does anyone know how to reset it to the current date?

Karl Johnson


  • Ok, I don't have a Roadster, but other Teslas set the date via GPS. If you have GPS, Is there any chance the GPS is not working and/or failed?

    Also, GPS does not work underground or in tunnels. If the car was parked a long time in a parking garage, it may just need to move outside to pick up GPS and set the time.
  • It is most likely a bug in the firmware of the Garmin gps unit in your car which in case needs a software update. Your service centre may be able to help you or you may consider doing it yourself like some others have done:
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