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I am assessing my options on selling the car after buying a used Tesla 2017 from Tesla site. The car turned out with tons of issues, bad tires, defective suspension, rattling, squeaking from doors and windows and many more. The ride is totally uncomfortable, comparing to my other new Tesla. I never thought I was getting a crap vehicle after paying 70K.
My question is, the only option I now have is to trade-in this car for a new car. Will Tesla trade in this car at the same price, considering all the issues I faced with this.. and now that they know it has all these issues? When I tried to trade-in my existing car for this one, they notoriously undervalued it, offered me a paltry 12k, I refused and sold private for 16K.
They don't take their used car back. I am unsure if there will be private buyers in the similar price range as some features are not transferable to the next buyer like FSD and free charging. The current value on NADA is 53K; I paid 70K, just a few days ago.
So what are my options?


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    The new owner can keep FSD and FUSC if you give up your account.
    My cousin sold used Tesla, then gave he new owner his Tesla account after changed email/password.adress/credit card to the new owner.
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    I'm also trying to trade in my 2017 Model X P100d
    coming off a residual after 3 years if over 100k - MORE THAN A NEW CAR?!?!!?!? How is that even possible...I'd like to purchase/trade it in, but Tesla could care less when I call them. Your residual is 100k, and take it or leave it...makes no sense! Any advise?
  • they finally gave me a trade-in quote for a week old purchase that is 10K below the price I paid. I was planning to trade-in the junk they sold me 'used tesla' at market value. Now they don't want the car at the value they sold me. Talks a great deal about how they treat repeat customers.
  • @starlight.....There is not enough info in your posts to determine your *repeat customer* claim.

    A repeat customer would be one that purchased/leased a Tesla say in 2013, drove it 3 years, then purchased/leased another Tesla and drove that for 3 years, then finally purchased/leased a third Tesla.

    Yes, there are some issues that arise with any make/model of vehicle, US made or foreign. But overall, IMHO, Tesla is doing better than the legacy auto makers and surely the auto dealers. Been owning/driving for 50++ years, owning trucks, vans, sports cars Been raked over the coals by dealers multiple times and had one auto taken back by GM under Lemon Law.
  • @starlight - don't think of it as a car. It's a computer (technically like 27 computers with 4 wheels). When was the last time you purchased a computer and then 3 years later you tried to sell it for anything close what you paid? You leased the VALUE of the car from the day you took delivery, you didn't lease an actual vehicle. When you lease a Tesla (IMO) it's gotta be worth the monthly payment in driving enjoyment to justify the lease.
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