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don't allow driving with falcon door open

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Owning a Model X since years I experienced what I was always afraid of; I started driving from within the carport with one falcon door open destroying the door.
Yes the Model X is waring both acoustically and on the display but as there are obstacle warnings allover when driving in the carport I did not react and started driving.
I suggest the following software update:
* when doors are open (falcon and front doors) don't allow driving (like when hooked to a charging station)
* there could be a button on the screen to override this if one still wants to move the car with doors open
Being from the software field my self I can judge that such function is possible and not so much work to be implemented!
The repair of the falcon wing door is very expensive and I am not sure if it will work as good as it did before. It takes very long waiting time to be repaired due to the limited repair ressources (here in Austria/Europe) and therefore causes real problem to the owner.
From the Tesla body repair shop I know that this problem happens more often than one thinks and even now there is a second Model X with the same problem for repair at the body shop in Vienna.
Hope this feature will be added ASAP.
Thanks and continue to do so great products (I owned 2 Model S before and have one Model 3 with the Model X).


  • good idea, as an option to turn on in settings. I almost drove with open doors too once. but beeping got me not to continue but almost ignored it...
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