What do you think of the new look?

Surprise surprise surprise.
What do you think of the new look?
New forums.


  • Sorry, but I hate that there is no way to find those posts you haven't read yet. Now for a 500 post thread, you have to start at the beginning each time. Big step backwards.
  • Not much added, but a lot removed. In the thread lists, you can no longer see the last poster or the last posted date. Not sure I like the tiny fonts, but the browser can deal with that. To bad there isn't a "classic option" to bring back all the old goodness.

    Url test:

    Image test:
  • So URLs no longer link to anything. Yikes. Images didn't work for the last 3 years or so, and still not working so no difference there.
  • Nice that it has search, and it is very quick.
  • Be aware there are no redirects from links into the old forum. Looks like you'll get "Page not found".
  • > @"" said:
    > Nice that it has search, and it is very quick.

    This is a test of the Quote option. Nice!
  • For those using my Chrome extension, it will be at least a few days before I can rewrite it to deal with the new forum. Many of my prior features should be able to convert into the new forum. Ok, I'm going to be busy for a while on this!

    I also see the need for a few new features such as an option for a larger username font. The good news is I may be able to add back in some of the "missing" information too, but these will be in a later version. First up is to give you the original set of features as quickly as possible.
  • I think it is a good first iteration. Search is great, and I like having all the other forums on the left side. Not being able to immediately jump to the first unread post seems like a problem, but I haven't verified that behavior yet.
  • It would be nice to be able to edit a comment.

    Having a like button is useful for quickly skimming interesting posts.
  • There are only a dozen users left here so they are probably phasing it out by removing functionality - kind of like when a Tesla car ages out of warranty.
  • > @"" said:
    > Sorry, but I hate that there is no way to find those posts you haven't read yet. Now for a 500 post thread, you have to start at the beginning each time. Big step backwards.

    You can jump to what's unread by clicking on New. Maybe they just added that. I see they have a bunch more options than "like" now.
  • It would be nice if search could be limited to a particular forum or tell you which forum the result is in.
  • do links work like
  • I find it interesting that links, images, and youtube videos that were transferred over from the old forum work and the images and videos are now embedded in the posts. The function to make links and such work but they just must not have it flipped on.
  • it feels incomplete
  • > @andy_connor_e said:
    > do links work like

    that link did not work for me. using Safari on a Mac
  • Definitely an improvement. But I'll have to get familiar with it.
  • @Chunky Jr. - I don't have any "new" links or any way to get to unread posts in a thread. To me, it makes the site almost unusable. I'm using Chrome on a PC. What browser are you using?
  • Pages are now very short - maybe about 6-8 posts per page vs. prior maybe 20-30 posts. Never really counted them before. Not sure if a plus or minus. I think I prefer more posts per page.

    The page indicator also is hard to tell what page you are on. The dark grey vs. slightly darker grey font is very hard to tell which is the current page. Last next page indicators also much harder to click on vs. old.
  • Yep, not a fan, yet. Hopefully we will see significant improvements in a short timeframe. IF the site is now moderated that could be a significant improvement.
  • Used to be 50 comments per page.

    The new forum software is incomplete. Old Tesla habits die hard.....
  • Ok, found the "new" indicators. Unlike before there is no "new" indicator if the topic is new or read any posts in a thread since about 5 pm yesterday. The memory of pages you've read before the switchover is lost. Not as big a deal as I first thought.
  • @TT

    I was completely bewildered at first but after jumping around a few different categories and a handful of topics I'm way more comfortable and am actually starting to like the new look. Kinda like how long it took to get used to the center screen in the M3.

    Side note: Try typing the @ and a couple of letters in the reply box... It auto-fills usernames. Cool.
  • I’m sure we’ll see improvements, but I like it so far.
  • So I guess you get one chance to edit a post after you type it out, right after hitting the ‘Next’ button. So that’s nice.

    Still no pics, right? I guess that’s fine, I can only imagine what bots would post for pics!
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