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Transfer of Solar Panels needs to be improved

Transferring solar panels on lease to a new owner has been very difficult. There is almost no guidance, communication, or updates from you on this process. Meanwhile, I have what appears to be overdue bills for a solar panel system that has reportedly been transferred. Please improve this process. You need to provide more clear guidance and timeline expectations. Communications to the seller/buyer of a home need to much better - it is pretty much non existent at this time. And communications between the property/title office and the energy billing office need to be improved.


  • We, myself and the buyer, signed a transfer agreement on 6/24 and the home closed on 6/30. I received a bill on 8/2 for $166.91. Tesla does not answer email and like all of you, after being on the phone on hold for almost an hour, I get answers like "you can pay the bill and you will be reimbursed when the audit is complete" Wait what? What "audit"? We are through Tesla. I was also told they won't contact me when the "audit" is complete. They seem to have no idea when the process will be completed. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • Tesla has made it IMPOSSIBLE to contact them except through
    the online submission platform. I call every day and I sit on hold for an hour or 2, and the call gets dropped. I email my agent and get an automatice reply. My buyers rate lock expires in 3 days and we STILL don't have the transfer agreement! If he loses his lock, he won't qualify to assume the lease due to higher rates. 17 years left on this lease and Tesla will lose it due to their inability to perform! It's absolutely maddening to not be able to reach someone!
  • I am wondering if anyone is able to get hold of them. i have 3 numbers i have from this forum one is eternal hold one is a busy signal the other i will try again later to day or tomorrow morning. if any one have a number that works please post it.
  • Yet another great example as to why you don't want to *lease* solar PV. If at all possible buy it outright, and take out your own loan. A PV lease (or PPA) makes a home sale nearly impossible. Talk to a realtor...many buyers will walk away from a purchase when a solar PV lease assumption is mentioned.
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