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Disappointed Tesla Owner

@elonmusk & @Tesla I am disappointed with TESLA and how I was treated in receiving my THIRD Tesla. Surprised of the lack of quality control at Tesla. Was very excited to receive my Tesla in the middle of a Tropical storm BUT my wipers for my Tesla did not work and your employees. at Manhasset Tesla in New York showed no care for my time. First it was the AC unit, now the wipers, and still no TESLA. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED


  • Welcome to the club. Tesla doesn't care about you or your vehicle once you've purchased it. I've never experienced such a crap company. Especially one that is selling a so called premium product.
  • Do you actually think anyone from Tesla actually reads these posts? Lol. How cute.
  • I'd like to be added to this list of Tesla Owner.
    I owned a 2016 Model X 90D. I spent almost $100K. Of the four years driving it, I can compare it with my son's 2012 Subaru Impreza (a $19K car). The amount of time I spent driving the loaner car, and the frustration being on the phone calls, and every single 'upgrade' side effects are paramount.
    The Subaru has never been in the shop for any functional issues, ever!

    My recent problem is the touch screen being black out. I unfortunately setup a 'pin to drive', which requires the touch screen to enter a password before the car can drive. So with the touch screen malfunction, the car is a blob of metal sitting in my garage with the climate control running that I am unable to turn it off. So not only it's not driveable, it's consuming an enormous amount of energy to keep the climate control. I couldn't connect the car to my phone app to turn it off... all features on the phone are gray'ed out. So frustrating...
  • Butthurt club?
  • Be your own advocate.
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