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65 Days - No Registration Paperwork

I purchased my used Model X (traded my Model 3 in) on May 30. As of this date, I still have not received my purchase/registration paperwork to transfer the vehicle into my name in my home state. My credit union is calling me every few days asking if I transferred my car yet. I’ve spoken to many Tesla reps about this and I get an excuse each time (“Your paperwork is being overnighted today [2 weeks ago] and you’ll get it by week’s end” and “We’re looking into this now and will get back to you soon [many days ago]”). It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous now. My temp tag expired 7/20, so technically, I’m driving around illegally. Any suggestions as to what I should do now? Should I contact my state’s Attorney General’s office?


  • I have the same situation going on my end. We purchased our Model 3 on July 3rd, 2020 from Tesla in Westmont, IL. I called 2 days before the temp tags were due to expire. They had not sent me my documents. If I had not called, I am sure I would not have had them sent. I had them overnight them to me. They would not re-issue a temp tag and assured me that if I get pulled over the police would be ok with it. When I received my packet and took it to the our local Courthouse (I had to make an appointment), it turns out they didn't include all the paperwork they were supposed to. It even had a checklist in the paperwork and they still forgot the title. My courthouse called Tesla and got a tracking number and more assurances. I called to double check when I got home. Turns out the tracking number was the original one and nothing was re-sent out. Again I was told it should be ok to drive without plates or temporary tags. I told my Tesla rep that he is asking me, as a manufacturers rep, to break the law. He then suggested I do not drive the car until I have the proper license and title. I asked to talk to a manager and was told they don't normally do that, but he would check. I asked to make a formal complaint. I was told there was no process. I told him they sold me a $40,000+ car that I cannot use. Their delivery process is broken completely. If I do not have my paperwork by next week, I will be considering calling my Attorney and/or the state Attorney General's office. This is unfortunate because I believe in this company and think they have the best car & technology out there.
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  • Similar situation for me... took delivery of my Model X early March 2020, with paper window tag dated until June 3. Oregon DMV still hasn't sent registration or stickers. Talked to Tesla, they said they submitted everything to DMV April 7th, and gave me a DMV tracking number regarding the submission. DMV emailed (you still can't reach them by phone, 'circuits busy') they have no record of my VIN, ugh.
    Will keep trying to get connected to DMV to see if that tracking number can be found in their system. Been driving around with no plates and an expired window temp reg since June 3rd
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