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For the last 3 months, My solar roof has been generating more power than using for my house and my car. Nice to get a $100+ payment from the utility every month. I'm sure it will reverse in the winter months, but the solar roof is generating more than 3 times the energy than my prior 11-panel solar system.


  • Great. Good purchase.
  • How does your utility charge/pay? Variable rates on both?
  • PG&E rates are really complex. There are time-of-day rates, then there are monthly tiers depending on the amount used for the month. The rates also change between Summer and Winter. And the rates they pay for power going into the grid are very hard to figure out and are always less than the usage rate at that time. Separate from the bill, I get an 11 to 14-page report each month that's almost impossible to make sense of.
  • Congrats! I would love to install Solar from Tesla, but it's not available in my small Alabama town.
  • PG&E sends you a $100 check each month? Or is it a credit?
    Which rate plan are you on?
  • It's a credit. I expect in the winter with a lot less solar it may go the other way. Once a year they do a "true-up". At that point if you owe something, they charge you, and if a credit I assume they pay you. I haven't reached a year yet with the new system. My old solar, about 1/3 of my current system never had a credit at the end of the true-up period, and I'd pay the balance.

    My plan is EV2-A, a rate for those that have an EV. I'm sure they have other plans if you don't have an EV that works similar to the EV2-A rate plan
  • I have been getting annual true-up checks well in excess of $500 from PG&E for several years. If you look at the monthly statement (the 13-14 page "Electric Detail of Bill") - page 1 shows the current monthly net, a running total of your true-up and a reminder of your true-up date. They do indeed pay according to the running total and the check takes about 30-60 days after the true-up to arrive.
    I am on the TOU-B plan even though I have a model 3. The combination of rate and schedule works out best for me on that plan. YMMV.
  • @Jones - Great to hear. I suspect I'll be getting money back after my first year with the new system as it's much larger than the first system and I have PWs now as well.
  • @"" Thanks for the info. What part of the country are you?
    I'm in NJ, and I suspect my output per sqft will be much less than, say AZ or TX.
  • I'm in Northern CA, so only a little lower in latitude than you.
  • I am in Union City, California in the San Francisco Bay Area and PG&E uses a 365 day billing credit so you only have to pay the difference or get the remainder in cash once a year. There is a catch, they also sell natural gas and they want that bill paid up monthly along with the connection charge. if you system is installed in the spring, you build up a large credit to be used up in the fall and winter, But, if you are connected in the fall, you could see a large debit building as they let you have the electricity you use "on Credit until it is replaced during the summer by your higher output. The PG&E billing may look complex, but, they credit you and debit you in CASH credits and not Kilo watt hour credits so if you use less than you produce between 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM daily, you get a bonus in cash you can use to help pay the natural Gas portion of your total bill. net metering may go away some day but right now, just enjoy the pay back for your Solar system.
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