Unpainted Steel Blue Cybertruck

Might be possible to change the color of the Cybertruck with a factory heat treatment. More about it here:

A video about this a blue stainless steel Cybertruck.


  • I think Elon confirmed that color options will be possible
  • @WW_spb +1

    He said color and patterns.

    WWII aluminum gray sheets with rivets please!
  • I started what became a long thread in the old Model 3 forum called “Cybertruck discussion for engineers” with the observation that the heat from welding the structural stainless steel body panels could create discolorations, and that was probably the reason the Cybertruck at the unveil looked so blotchy, particularly in the heavily structural rear quarter panel.

    I speculated (and it was later confirmed) that Tesla had been planning to construct the body with titanium right up til shortly before the unveil. The Cybertrucks used in the promo photos on Tesla’s website may have been the titanium version - nice white gold in color.

    They seemed to have solved any discoloration issues based on the Cybertruck on display at the Petersen museum, so I think the production models would look like that. Nice silver color.

    We would be kidding ourselves to believe Tesla would ever offer to bake the steel-only body parts of the Cybertruck to different colors for us, when they can’t even rationalize more than 5 paint colors for the rest of their lineup. And you can’t bake the whole truck on an aftermarket basis because the non-steel components won’t tolerate temps over 400 degrees (obviously). Also I don’t believe the worked tempered steel would change colors uniformly.

    So - dream on. Maybe Elon can get that nice blue color in a VERY special edition.
  • Maybe a better question:

    Why doesn’t Tesla offer anodizing in lieu of painting on the aluminum body panels of Model S? It would look quite unique, and should be more affordable since (A) they would save the cost of painting, and (B) they probably already do some type of anodizing to prep the cars for painting anyway. Should not be a problem with exposed fasteners, I have seen the Model S “body in white” and it looked good to go. You can literally get any color you want in the metal itself through anodizing, and Aluminum is ideal for that.
  • As far as I can tell, it's not possible to anodize stainless steel. There is a process for black-oxide that many provide a black finish on stainless. I couldn't find out how strong it is, so it may not be suitable for the Cybertruck.
  • @TeslaTap - correct. My comment about anodizing was about the Model S, which is aluminum. I think it would be pretty bitchin.

    Wrong forum, I know....
  • @Madatgascar - Sorry, I missed that you're talking about the S. I agree, an anodized aluminum S would be really slick!
  • My daughter's Tesla X has a military green wrap. It is very susceptible to peeling off with just a scratch.
  • There are presently 2 Cybrtrks in existence. One if the fully functioning one and there is a rolling model. After the real truck was revealed and drove down the other side of the stage, they pushed the rolling model version on stage. So if anyone sees any differences in the truck’s appearance in photos, it may simply be the differences between the two examples.
  • @jordanrichard, what is your source on that? The one they displayed at the Petersen Museum was visibly different - the stainless steel was much more uniform in color, and it did drive in under its own power. I think Elon was seen driving another while this one was on display.
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